From its founding in 2016, CauseART has been committed to representing the diversity of voices that exist in the communities in which we work in the art we curate for our clients. We firmly believe that art has the power to influence how we see the world and how we each participate in it toward a greater good.

In this historic moment, when communities are taking to the streets in huge numbers to remind us how black bodies and black voices have been chronically omitted, abused, and forcibly silenced for centuries, we realize that our efforts have not been enough.

We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that silence is harmful and irresponsible. We believe in showing up for black people in our daily lives and in our industry. In addition to actively fostering ideas and policies that are anti-racist in our corporate and interpersonal practices, we are committing to exclusively curating black artists until Juneteenth, 2021, and to curating 50% of all art from historically marginalized groups in our industry thereafter.

We hope that you, as part of our community, will join us in these efforts to acknowledge and actively address systemic racism in our industry, and in our communities nationwide.