Acoustica Mixcraft 3.0

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Acoustica Mixcraft 3.0

Acoustica Mixcraft Full merupakan aplikasi editing audio yang sangat canggih dan dilengkapi dengan fitur yang sangat beragam. Anda dapat menggunakan aplikasi yang satu ini untuk mengedit audio, merekam audio, membuat beat musik, meremix lagu, mengatur loop, membuat instrumen virtual, dan masih banyak lagi lainnya. Apr 03, 2007 Acoustica has released Mixcraft 3, a major update to the Mixcraft recording studio software. Mixcraft 3 offers a host of powerful new features, including a newly redesigned, modern interface, true multi-track recording, automatic remixing with tempo detection, and support for Acid™ and Garage Band™ loops. #Tags:portable,acoustica,mixcraft Actual serialnumber Portable Acoustica Mixcraft LetitBit Mixcraft? Is a great multi-track audio recorder that enables you to record your band, create a podcast, create mash-ups or remix a song. Mixcraft functions as two programs in one! Use it as a multi-track recorder or as a music loop remix program.

I recently purchased Mixcraft 8 for an HP laptop and a Behringer UMC404HD interface. Acoustica mixcraft 3.0
I have a couple issues that I feel might be originating in the interface but I wanted to check and ensure that my DAW is properly setup since I’m novice in pretty much all of this world.
I arm the track with the interface line selected.
Press record, metronome counts in, but when the flag gets to the spot, it doesn’t record but the flag marker keeps scrolling right but no red audio track appears behind it, nor is any audio saved. My friend told me it’s a known issue to him and to disarm and arm the track again. It began to fix it briefly but mixcraft is now exclusively showing the issue. May be important to note that I did not experience this with using my peavey usb mixing board as an interim interface. (Just not near as robust or made to do what the behringer does)
2 Additionally I’m not getting mixcraft to play audio back through the interface. I can play music from another source and I can monitor it through the interface’s headphone out but the metronome nor any recorded audio will not play through headphones. Oddly enough I could play Spotify through the usb connection to the interface and at the same time the mixcraft metronome and audio would play through the laptops speakers simultaneously.

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These two issues may be related but this one seems more of an acoustica mixcraft setup issue? Why would audio from anywhere but mixcraft play through fine but not mixcraft?
My own trouble shooting:
-I downloaded “the proper drivers” from Behringer’s website. (I’m not super savvy in this regard) one was a regular operating driver. And one I believe did some usb 2.0-3.0 conversion, or something.
-I selected the interface as default sound device under sound options on my pc.

Acoustica Mixcraft 3.0

Confused and at a loss.

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