Adobe Audition Delete Unused Files

If you’ve closed and reopened Audition, choose File Open Recent and then choose Narration05, or navigate to the Lesson03 folder and open Narration05. Play the file until you reach the first “uh.” Stop the transport, and click and drag across the ”uh” to select it. Along with tools for color, audio, and graphics, Premiere Pro works seamlessly with other apps and services, including After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Stock. Open a Motion Graphics template from After Effects or download one from Adobe Stock and customize it — all without leaving the app.

Adobe audition delete unused files delete

Adobe Audition File Extension

Monitor the available disk space on the system running an Adobe Connect server and clear the cache.

The Adobe Connect system must have a minimumof 1 GB of free space. Adobe Connect does not have any built-intools that monitor disk space—the administrator must monitor diskspace with operating system utilities or third-party tools.

Adobe Audition Delete Unused Files File

Contentcan be stored on the server hosting Adobe Connect, on external shared storagevolumes, or both.

    • Use Adobe Connect Central to delete unusedcontent. See Delete a file or folder.

    • Replace your server disk with a bigger disk.


    If the free disk space on the server falls below1 GB, the server stops.

  1. Monitor the primary shared storage devicefor free space and available file system nodes. If either dropsbelow 10%, add more storage to the device or add another sharedstorage device.


    10% is a recommended value. Also, if you’reusing shared storage, set a maximum cache-size value in ApplicationManagement Console or the cache can fill up the disk.

Adoberecommends that you create a weekly scheduled task to clear theedge server cache. It’s a good idea to run the task during off-peakhours, such as early Sunday morning.

  1. Create a cache.bat file to delete the cache directory.The entry in this file must use the following syntax:

    Thedefault cache directory is C:Connectedgeserverwin32cachehttp.To delete the cache, use the following command:

  2. Select Start > Programs > AdobeConnect Edge Server > Stop Adobe Connect Edge Server.
  3. Run the cache.bat file and verify that it deletes filesin the cache directory.


    The directory structure remains, and anyfiles that the edge server locks are not deleted.

  4. Select Start > Programs > AdobeConnect Edge Server > Start Adobe Connect Edge Server.
  5. Select Start > Control Panel >Scheduled Tasks > Add Scheduled Task.

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