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  • 1Installation from source
    • 1.2Git

To download the program, currently only the source code is available. To install it you will need to compile the program. The dependencies are the GNU Scientific library, and magick. To fetch the source code, you will need to install the source code management tool mercurial, then head over to this page to download the program. 2) By default apt-get -d install will save.deb in /var/cache/apt/archives and apt-get download in current directory 3) apt-get download is newer, you wouldn't even find it in the old versions. I hope they are helpful.

Apt Tool Phoenix Os Download

You can browse the flashrom source code online, or download and install flashrom and/or its source code as explained below.

File Upload is a file upload service that pays you money for your downloads. Is File Upload secure? Yes,All uploaded files are scanned for malware. Is it free to join? Yes,File Upload is completely free to join,Sign up now How to report abuse? If you found someone breaking our terms of serive please report HOW DO I. Classic aarch64 Official apt-0.5.15lorg2-alt71.3.aarch64.rpm: Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support: Classic armh Official apt-0.5.15lorg2-alt71.armh.rpm. Download Binary executable files. Files on SourceForge; Files on OSDN; If you are using Ubuntu Linux, you can use Ubuntu PPA to install tuxboot.


  • pciutils development package (pciutils-dev/libpci-dev/pciutils-devel, depending on OS/distribution)
  • zlib development package (zlib1g-dev/zlib-devel, depending on OS/distribution)
  • libftdi development package (libftdi-dev), optional support for various external FT2232SPI flashers
  • libusb development package (libusb-dev), optional support for various USB-based programmers
  • various build utilities like make, gcc etc. (build-essential or similar depending on OS/distribution)
  • git (if you checkout the source and build manually)


If you just want to use the latest stable release, you can download it from this page. Older releases can be found here.


The Flashrom repository is hosted on coreboot.org and mirrored on Github. All current development happens on the master branch.


  • Browse: https://review.coreboot.org/cgit/flashrom.git
  • Clone: https://review.coreboot.org/flashrom.git
  • Review: https://review.coreboot.org/#/q/project:flashrom+status:open
  • Workflow: https://www.coreboot.org/Git


  • Browse: https://github.com/flashrom/flashrom
  • Clone: https://github.com/flashrom/flashrom.git
  • Review: https://github.com/flashrom/flashrom/pulls
  • Workflow: https://help.github.com/articles/creating-a-pull-request/

IRC nicknames are mentioned in parentheses.

Apt Tool Phoenix Os Download
  • ALT Linux:
    • Installation: ?
    • Maintainer: ?
    • package overview, bugreports
  • Arch Linux:
    • Installation: pacman -S flashrom
    • Maintainer: Bruno Pagani (Archange)
    • package overview, bugreports, git repo
  • Debian:
    • Installation: sudo apt-get install flashrom
    • Maintainer: Uwe Hermann (uwe_ / uw3)
    • package overview, build logs, more build logs, package popularity, bugreports
  • DOS:
    • Installation: For instructions on how to cross-compile using Linux see DOS.
    • Alternatively, you may find usable DOS binaries in our buildbot archive. However, they are usually untested and not recommended to be trusted blindly.
  • DragonFly BSD:
    • Installation: pkg_add flashrom
    • Maintainer: Jonathan Kollasch (jakllsch)
    • ?
  • Fedora:
    • Installation: sudo yum install flashrom
    • Maintainer: Peter Lemenkov
    • package overview, bugreports, git repo, build logs, package updates
  • FreeBSD:
    • Installation from ports: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/flashrom && make install clean
    • Installation using a package: pkg_add -r flashrom
    • Maintainer: Alexander Logvinov
    • The version from subversion's trunk (latest revision while editing is r1416) is usable as well. To checkout and compile the source code you need to install devel/gmake, devel/libpci, devel/subversion and sysutils/dmidecode, either from ports or using 'pkg_add -r'. The subversion URI is at the top of this page. Compile with 'gmake'.
  • Gentoo:
    • Install: emerge flashrom
    • Maintainer: Mart Raudsepp (leio), Christian Ruppert (idl0r), Peter Stuge (CareBear)
    • package overview, bugreports, forums, upstream scanner
  • Mandriva:
    • Installation: urpmi flashrom
    • Maintainer: Alexander Khryukin
    • svn repo, bugreports
Apt Tool Phoenix Os Download
  • NetBSD:
    • Installation: pkg_add flashrom
    • Maintainer: Jonathan Kollasch (jakllsch)
    • package overview, netbsdpkgsrc info, CVS repo
  • OpenBSD:
    • Installation: ?
    • Maintainer: ?
    • TODO: Are there any ports or binary packages for OpenBSD? Building from source is supported as per README.
  • OpenELEC:
    • Installation: ?
    • Maintainer: Stephan Raue
  • openSUSE:
    • Installation: yast -i coreboot-utils
    • Maintainer: Stefan Reinauer (Stepan)
    • package overview, flashrom packages, coreboot-utils packages, requests, bugreports
  • OpenWRT
    • Installation: ?
    • Maintainer: ?
    • package overview, svn repo
  • PC-BSD
    • Installation: currently there is no PBI (http://www.pbidir.com/bt/category/sysutils) but the installation instructions to install on FreeBSD can be used. See ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/handbook/handbook_en_ver8.2.html#__RefHeading__223_1034146141
    • Maintainer: ?
    • ?
  • Source Mage GNU/Linux:
    • Installation: cast flashrom
    • Maintainer: Quentin Rameau (quinq)
  • T2 SDE
    • Installation from source: Emerge-Pkg flashrom
    • Installation of binaries: mine -i flashrom-0.9.1.tar.bz2
    • Maintainer: ?
    • ?
  • Ubuntu:
    • Installation: sudo aptitude install flashrom
    • Maintainer: ?, migration happens automatically or semi-automatically from the Debian package
    • You can also install daily builds of flashrom's development source from a special PPA. Please note that these are experimental binaries that may or may not be safe to use. We try to do our best to let dangerous bugs not slip into this, but it may sometimes happen. Usually it is safer to use those than very old (<=0.9.2) stable releases.
  • Windows:
    • Installation: See Windows. Only a limited number of programmers are supported so far.
    • There were some attempts to create a full Windows port of the flashrom utility but none really succeeded and made it into the source code.
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You can download the 'demo' of APT - Astro Photography Tool using the 'Download Demo' link. This version has almost all features of the full one and there are no time restrictions. In fact this 'demo' is one of the most loaded astrophotography software packages available for free. You can use it to test if APT works fine with all of your devices.

Do you like APT? We will appreciate if you reward our work and support the further development by buying the full version. The price is set to be affordable for everyone - 18.70 EUR. For this amount you will get single user license for the full version of APT that can be used on multiple computers, one year support and upgrades. Expired license has to be renewed if you want access to the latest upgrades and the renewal fee is 6 EUR per year.

To support APT and get your key, please go to the Purchase page.

Download the Demo version (64.3MB)
Download the previous Demo version

To download the full version, enter the e-mail address that you used in PayPal for the order and your Key which has been sent to you. Thank you for your support!

APT in your language!

You can get ToolTips help (balloon help) in several languages. The installation is simple - download the desired translation in APT use the 'Import Tooltips' button in Settings->Main. If you want to switch back to English, just download the English version.

Special thanks to all that made and are making this possible!

LanguageEditionTranslated byTooltips
Czech34Jan FilipDownload
Russian34Alexander SorokinDownload
Japanese33M. Minamiguchi and T.SugiyamaDownload
French32Dennys Turcotte, LCK and L. LamyDownload
Slovak26Stanislav KanianskyDownload
Greek26Panagiotis LiorisDownload
Portuguese11Nelson Viegas - GOAAA**Download
Italian10Paolo C.Download
Dutch9Henrik van HolthoonDownload
Polish8+Adam Musial and Marek BiałyDownload
Spanish8Iván Jaén (Panamá)Download
Chinese8Zhendi WangDownload
Bulgarian7Zlatan MerakovDownload
German7yesyes* and Andreas ExelerDownload

If you want to make a new one or update existing translation, please contact us.

* www.yesyes.info
** GOAAA - Group of Amateur Astronomers Observations of the Algarve

Also you can download the User's Guide in some languages.

LanguageVersionTranslated byUser's guide
EnglishCurrentPDF, CHM
Japanese3.84T. Sugiyama (official translation)CHM, Setup
Japanese3.84Toshihito WatanabeCHM
Catalan3.57Francesc VallèsPDF
Italian2.00Fabio PapaDownload
Bulgarian1.80Stoyan GlushkovDownload

Follows a new section that we hope to grow in future. List of Tutorials about APT usage.

LanguageWritten byLink
FrenchMatthieu TéquiPDF

The available object browser includes information about 545 objects. Thank to Jeff Seivert many of the objects interesting facts are extended. Also he recorded audio versions of the text for many objects.

To install the audio extension, download the package you want and apply it in the same folder where APT is installed.

Last updated on 2012/03/08 - Audio Extension 358 Objects (154 MB)
Last updated on 2012/03/01 - Audio Extension - Only Messier objects 110 Objects (47 MB)
Last updated on 2012/03/08 - Audio Extension - Only Caldwell objects 109 Objects (48 MB)

Thank to M. Minamiguchi and T. Sugiyama there is Japanese translation of the information visible in Stars and Maps tabs of Object Browser. To apply the translation, just download and install this package ObjectBrowserJP.zip

Apt Tool Phoenix Os Download 64 Bit

Thank to Jan Filip there is Czech translation of the information visible in Deep Sky and Stars tabs of Object Browser. To apply the translation, just download and install this package ObjectBrowserCZ.zip

Apt Tool Download Phoenix Os

If you want to get back to the English language in Object Browser. Just download and install this package ObjectBrowserEN.zip

More objects can be easily imported into Custom Objects and ToDo tabs of the Object Browser. Ready to use files can be found in this Topic in the APT forum.

Phoenix Os Download For Windows

Sounds Packages

APT has advanced sounds notification system that can play up to 36 different sounds. Pre-installed are English speaking female and male voice packages.

More packages can be found in this Topic in the APT forum.

If you want to help to make APT more popular, you can use one of these banners in your site or forum signatures: