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What you dream is what we bring to you at Snapdeal, now presenting to you the multi stage RO+UV+UF purification with patented tasteguard technology, the all new Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xpert RO+UV+UF Water Purifier. It has a user friendly LCD screen display and auto flush facility that can provide water dispensing to 8 litres storage. AquaSure Xpert by Eureka Forbes is a universal water purifier equipped with RO+UV+UF technology. The device automatically recommends the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) based on the water and has an option for the user to select or adjust the TDS to certain levels. Here’s what AquaSure Xpert has to offer. Best price for Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xpert 8 Litre RO+UV Water Purifier in India is sourced from trusted online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal & Tatacliq. Check Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xpert 8 Litre RO+UV Water Purifier specifications, ratings, reviews and buy Online.

Flexible Adhesive For Permanent equipment Repair

With Aquasure® by McNett® you can easily repair tears and rips in your wet or dry suits and many other types of watersports equipment. Aquasure is a clear, waterproof adhesive and sealant, specially formulated for the flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection you need to keep you going.

Aquasure is all you need to keep your equipment going as long as you do.

  • Strong – permanent repairs
  • Flexible – transparent finish
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for most materials

Ideal for permanent repairs to tears, holes and rips in GORE-TEX® fabric, waders, wet suits, dry suits, float tubes, inflatables and other materials. Its super-strong formula waterproofs, seals, bonds and repairs your most important gear.

Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. Hundreds of water sports and household uses. For fast cure, use with Cotol-240™plus Cure Accelerator.

Aquasure Xpert Fault No 4 Meaning

  • Flexible urethane repair adhesive and seam sealer
  • Industry standard for maximum strength gear repairs
  • Safe on natural and synthetic fabrics including GORE-TEX®, Neoprene, Hypalon®, rubber and more
  • Repairs rips, tears and holes in watersports and scuba gear
  • Specifically formulated to offer superior flexibility as well as excellent adhesion, waterproofing and abrasion resistance with minimal shrinkage
  • Washable and unaffected by extreme heat or cold
  • Dries Clear
  • Moisture cured

The Many Uses for Aquasure

  • Repair holes and tears in Neoprene wet or dry suits, booties, gloves
  • Seal seams and pinholes
  • Seal gasket seams on dry suits
  • Create reinforcement on high wear areas
  • Adding a pocket to a wetsuit
  • Repair holes in inflatable rafts, kayaks, and float tubes

Aquasure® is not suitable for use on Silnylon or any other silicone based materials

Aquasure® is part of the McNett M ESSENTIALS™ product range.


Please Note:
To prevent Aquasure, Seam Grip and Freesole from hardening in the tube please folllow the Instructions for use.

Use Aquasure to seal leaky gasket seams.

STEP 1: Turn suit inside out.
Clean damaged area with McNett Cotol-240 plus or isopropyl alcohol.
Non-fabric surfaces such as latex should first be roughened with
sandpaper, then cleaned.

STEP 2: Apply Aquasure in a 2 mm thick layer overlapping seam edges by
at least 12 mm. Use included brush to saturate fabric surfaces.
Dry level overnight.

Use Aquasure to seal seams on diving gloves

Lengthen the life of your diving gloves by
reinforcing the glove seams. Apply Aquasure in
a 2 mm thick layer, then spread with a brush –
overlapping seam edges by at least 6 mm.
Use brush to saturate fabric surfaces.
Dry overnight.

Aquasure is also ideal for repairing holes and tears. For holes larger than a
pinhole, create a backing with removable tape. Fill hole and 6 mm beyond.
Remove tape after Aquasure has fully cured.

Create an ultra-tough,001f exible knee patch with
Aquasure to protect suits from abrasion. Simply
apply a thin coat of Aquasure with a disposable
plastic knife. Dry level overnight.

How to prevent Aquasure, Seam Grip and Freesole from Hardening in the Tube.

Seam Grip, Freesole and Aquasure are moisture-cure adhesives. As soon as you pop the top on the tube and expose the adhesive to the moisture in the air, the countdown begins. Unfortunately, you are unable to stop the curing process, but you can slow it down by storing the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. We typically recommend storing as follows:

Begin by advancing the contents to the tube neck to remove any air that may be trapped in the tube. Next wipe the tube threads clean to prevent the cap from sticking. Next, cap tightly. Next, place the adhesive in a plastic zip-lock bag. Next, store the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. When ready to use, run the tube under warm water for about a minute.

Aquasure Xpert

While this will not stop the adhesive from curing, it will help slow things down.

We give an un-opened tube of adhesive a two-year shelf life. The “batch-number” will be crimped into the bottom of the tube. The adhesive is typically good for two years past the date of filling.

“Aquaseal is the ultimate heavy duty fix for high wear areas where you need something strong and permanent but also flexible. I use Aquaseal on my neoprene gloves that I use for hiking. The gloves get a lot of abrasion from rocks during scrambling and from my trekking poles the rest of the time, but the Aquaseal protects them completely.”-Justin Lichter aka “Trauma”— Extreme Long Distance Backpacker. Completed all three ‘long trails’ in under one year: Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Eastern Continental Trail – (the extended version of the Appalachian Trail: Cape Gaspe to Key West).

Aquasure Xpert Service Kit

“…a hole in my neoprene waders about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Cut a patch out of some worn out waterproof neoprene gloves. Glued the patch over the hole, put a heavy weight on it over night. Used them in the morning setting out my decoys. Not a leak to be felt. Worked so well I touched up some other areas that looked bad. Thanks”– P., Torrey New York

“I tried a lot of products for repair of punctured hip boots and none lasted. I then tried Aquaseal, and, using thin nylon for reinforcement, permanently sealed the waders. I also used it successfully on old rubber-bottomed hunting boots. I’m going to purchase more of the same product to have on hand for future punctures and tears to waders, hip boots, and rubber-bottomed hunting boots.– Wayne W. Orwell, VT

“You will need it and it is the most popular for a reason. One application before you go in the water is all it takes. I used it snorkeling in Hawaii for two weeks and I have no complaints.”– L. Wolfe, Chandler, AZ

“I had a couple of pin hole leaks on my waders. I turned them inside out and filled them with water. Marked the areas that were leaking, dumped the water out and let them dry. Used this stuff on the areas marked and no more leaks. Much cheaper than new waders.-T., Tennessee

Paddlesports Tip

Kayak cockpits are notorious for cutting into spray skirts and causing exterior cracking. Apply spot applications of Aquaseal to permanently repair and protect both the interior and exterior.

Rebonding Soles

Use Freesole® to permanently re-bond a peeling boot sole. First remove loose dirt and debris and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol and a stiff brush. Apply Freesole to the sole evenly.


17,745.00 to 20,999.00
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  • Last modified: April 9, 2017

AquaSure Xpert by Eureka Forbes is a universal water purifier equipped with RO+UV+UF technology. The device automatically recommends the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) based on the water and has an option for the user to select or adjust the TDS to certain levels. Here’s what AquaSure Xpert has to offer

Build: AquaSure Xpert is built with high quality food grade ABS plastic, which protects purified water from odor or any kind of bacteria. The device measures 405 W x 390 D x 330 H and weighs a little over 11.5 kg. The 8 liter water tank is ideal and ensures enough purified water even during power cuts. AquaSure is equipped with 5 different filters to purify water, these filters have a maximum lifespan to purify 6000 liters of water and 5000 hours on the 4 watt UV lamp, which is ideal to cover 12 months.

Technology: AquaSure Xpert is equipped with 5 different filters and uses RO+UV+UF technology to purify water. The TFC spiral RO membrane removes up to 90% TDS in water. Here’s a snapshot of multi-stage water purification process

  • I-Cartridge – removes suspended articles like dirt and sand from water
  • Chemi-Block – Reduces excess chlorine, foul taste, odor and organic impurities
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane – Reduces TDS, hardness, fluorides, pesticides and heavy metals like mercury, lead etc.
  • Taste Enhancer Cartridge – Removes organic residual and enhances the taste of water
  • UF (ultra Filter) cartridge – Removes ultrafine impurities
  • UV (Ultra Violet) treatment – Eliminates water borne diseases causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa etc.

TDS change alert feature automatically alerts us as and when the TDS level changes, this enables user to switch to a desired TDS level. Auto-flushing system enhances the RO membrane life by periodic auto-flushing and reduces replacement costs. AquaSure Xpert onboard chip automatically shifts the water flow paths between RO+UV+UF depending on quality of water. AquaSure Xpert is suitable for all sources of water and has a good purifier water flow rate of 15 liters per hour.

Design: AquaSure Xpert looks quite simple and clean with a user friendly backlit LCD screen. A couple of soft touch keypads are handy to adjust the date & time and scroll between commands for selection of desired TDS levels. The self diagnostic error display module starts flashing an error code of a probable cause along with the service hotline number. The LCD also flashes for any replacement in filters or parts. All the filters are covered with a simple plain body cover which makes it neat to look at on the wall or a table top. The flexible design gives you an option to install it over a counter or on the wall.

Service: Eureka Forbes have been in this space for more than a decade and have a strong footprint of over 15000 dealers across 1800 cities / towns in India. The service is top notch and their water purifiers have a 12 month warranty. However, the cost of service and replacements are marginally expensive over its peers.

AquaSure Xpert is retailing in stores at ₹ 20,999.00 and is available on from ₹ 17,745 with free delivery and EMI options. will log in an installation request with the brand for free installation. If your budget range is over 17,000, I would highly recommend the HUL Pureit Ultima RO + UV which is priced at ₹ 17,399 on, which offers better features and has a large 10 liter tank. Read our review on HUL Pureit Ultima RO + UV. Flipkart offers the same product at ₹ 17,700 + 100 for delivery.

Aquasure Xpert Tap


  • User enabled TDS settings
  • Impressive purified water flow rate
  • Flexible installation