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Hi Experts, I am new to Autosys. I created a Autosys box job to run at 10 AM daily. As scheduled, the job starts on time. There is another box job inside the box. I have scheduled it to run at 11 AM but it kicks off automatically with the main job at 10 AM. Insertjob: Main-job. Use the calendar button in the Autosys GUI or (my preference) from the command line 'autocalasc' command. You can specify any set of dates and save with a name e.g.lastmonthdays when you create a job then use the runcalendar or specify in the jil script.


Sample AUTOSYS jil file

This is a sample AUTOSYS file gives us an idea on how to write a

Please examples meant for giving an idea , you need to customize these
your needs.

Assume that you have which loads that product data into your
Application DB and that should be run everyday at 5:00 AM


delete_box: appDev#box#ProductLoad


insert_job: appDev#box#ProductLoad
job_type: box
description: Run Product Load Box
owner: @[DB_USER]
machine: @[AUTOSYS_SERVER]
permission: gx,wx
date_conditions: yes
days_of_week: all
start_times: '05:00'
condition: notrunning(appDev#box#ProductLoad)

insert_job: appDev#cmd#ProductLoad
job_type: command
description: Run ProductLoad Script
box_name: appDev#box#ProductLoad
owner: @[DB_USER]
machine: @[AUTOSYS_SERVER]
permission: gx,wx
command: /appl/bin/
std_out_file: /appl/log/appDev#box#ProductLoad.out
std_err_file: /appl/log/appDev#box#ProductLoad.err
min_run_alarm: 0
max_run_alarm: 30
job_terminator: yes
box_terminator: yes

update_job: appDev#box#ProductLoad
box_success: success(appDev#cmd#ProductLoad)



How can we add new dates in a standard calendar in batch mode?


Workload Automation AE (Any Release )


A. The first method is to export your calendar in a file, add the new dates to the end of the file, and import the updated file.

Steps :

1. Use the following command to export the calendar into a file :


autocal_asc –s calendar_name –E file_name

2. Edit the generated file and add the new dates at the end of the file

calendar: test2


12/29/2016 00:00

12/30/2016 00:00

12/31/2016 00:00

3. Then import the updated file by using the command :

autocal_asc –s calendar_name –I file_name -F

( -F Force overwrite calendars on import)

B. The second method is to create a file to add the new dates in the standard calendar with the following syntax (without using the export and import commands) :

1. Create a file with calendar name, letter 'A' for 'Add' followed by the NEW dates:

$ vi file.txt






2. Use the redirection syntax to add the dates :

Autosys Calendar Jil Online

$ autocal_asc < file.txt

Autosys Calendar Jil App

For example:







Autosys Jil Command Reference


Then run the autocal_asc command with the redirection operator to import the calednar

Autosys Jil Code

autocal_asc < dates.txt