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Are you looking for some help to configure iBall baton 150m Wireless-N ADSL router? Let me tell you this…you will learn more than that today. I promise you that.

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Watch out easy steps to configure Tp-Link 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+Modem Router (TD-W8961ND) for BSNL Broadband by Amit Kumar (BSNL Engineer, Hisar) (Voice. I am not sure where to check the VPI/VCI settings. And by ADSL modulation, you mean the ADSL type, it says ANNEX A/I/L/M. Or if it is the mode, I have tried both ADSL2+ and G.dmt. ADSL2+ is unstable and G.dmt is stable.

This guide will explain you in a step by step process on how to configure your iBall baton 150m wireless-n router.

You might be using BSNL, Airtel, MTNL or Reliance as your ISP and I will include a complete tutorial covering all the major ISPs.

Follow the below-mentioned steps. Don’t skip if you are not a pro. Happy learning…


Download complete setup guide for iBall Baton 150m wireless-N router.

STEP 1: Setting Up Your iBall router

First look at the below image carefully and try to understand the wiring system.

Plugin your router to an electric outlet. Take the RJ45(Lan cable), which is usually provided along with the modem and then insert one of its head on the LAN port of your router and connect the other end of the cable to your PC/Laptop.

Bsnl Vpi Vci No

Also, connect the telephone cable (RJ11) to the router’s WAN port.

After completing the setup process, turn on your LAPTOP/PC and the router.

STEP 2: Login to your iBall router configuration page

Now, fire up any browser on your PC and type this into its address bar:

You might wonder what was that? If I put it simply, this is your iBall router login IP address and whenever you need to make any changes to your router settings, you have to login with this IP.

Now, once you hit enter after putting that IP, a screen will popped up asking you to put a username and password. Like this:

Put username as admin and password also admin

If you are not able to login to your modem, then you need to probably Reset the modem from its back panel.

After putting username and password, a status page will appear like this which is also your iBall router login page:

Don’t be overwhelmed with all these settings, most of us will only need a few feature of it and I am here to guide you for that. So, relax and let’s head on to our next step.


So, relax and let’s head on to our next step.

STEP 3: Get your broadband username and password


If you know your broadband username and password, that’s good. Jump directly to step 4. But if you do not know what’s your broadband username and password is, then you gotta contact your ISP. Simply dial customer care number and ask for your broadband username and password

But if you do not know what’s your broadband username and password is, then you gotta contact your ISP. Simply dial customer care number and ask for your broadband username and password

Here are the customer care numbers of some major ISPs that you might find useful:

BSNL Broadband customer support center: 18003451500

Airtel Broadband customer support center: 18001030121 (Fixed Line)

Reliance Broadband customer support center: 180030007777

Once you find your broadband username, we will move on to our next and final step.

STEP 4: Configuring your iBall router

Final step. After login to your router, click on Network SetupWAN

At first, you might get overwhelmed with so many parameters, but trust me, you need only a few of them.

Let me show you…..

So the very first thing you need to do is put value for VPI and VCI. The VPI and VCI value varies from ISP to ISP. Please follow the table listed below showing you the VPI and VCI values of different different ISPs.

I have shown below an iball router configuration page for BSNL broadband connection where VPI/VCI value is placed as 0/35. Rest of the values will remain same no matter which ISP you are using.

Now, look at the chart for VPI and VCI value of your ISP and put it on the respective field.

Now select ISP as PPPoA/PPPoE.

Servicename– You can put any name here. Does not really matter. If you are using BSNL broadband then put it as ‘BSNL’.

Username– This is important. Put your broadband username that your ISP has provided correctly. If you do not know what your broadband username is, then you can call your ISP customer care number. I have already mentioned the customer care number for some ISPs above.

Password– Please ask your ISP for your broadband password too. For BSNL broadband, the default password is password itself.

After filling the parameters that I have shown you above, hit the SAVE button. No need to make any changes here.

Configuring Wireless settings on your iBall router

To configure WiFi on your router, click on the Network SetupWireless

Bsnl Broadband Vpi Vci

Click on Activated to turn on the Access point.

SSID – This would be your WiFi name that gets displayed when you turn on wifi on your smartphone or PC/Laptop. You can also give some fancy name like ‘!!Malware_Found$$!!’ to make it more secure.

Authentication Type – select WPA-PSK which is by far the most secure one.

Encryption – TKIP/AES.

Pre-Shared Key – Here you need to put a password for your WiFi. Put a strong password by including both special character and numerics.

That’s it, no need to tweak any more settings. Hit the SAVE button now and voila, you’re ready to go.

If you want to change wifi password of your iBall router in future then re-login with the IP address i.e and change the value that is written under Pre-shared Key option. That simple….

You can download the latest firmware and user manual of this router on the iBall’sofficial page.

I hope you have successfully configured your device by now. Since you have come to Bpedia, I want to add a bonus tip to for you guys to secure your modem.


Bsnl Vpi Vci

Bonus Tip

First thing first.

To secure your iBall router, change the default login password which is usually cited as admin. You can do so by going under Maintenance tab and clicking on Administration. Here, put a strong password for your iBall router and click on save.

As soon as you click on save button, it will again ask for username and password again, put the new password now and re-login.

Don’t forget to write down the new password though.

The second thing you can do is change your default IP address of your router. In general, it is but you can change it to some other IP like to make it more secure. You can do that by going under Network SetupLAN and change the Main IP address.

When you click on the Save button after changing the IP address of your iBall router, the page might reload for few minute. Close it and try to open the router page with changed IP address.

This guide on how to change the IP address of a router might help you.

If you have any questions to ask, then you can put it in the comment section below. I will surely answer your queries. You can also drop a message on our Facebook fan page if you need any support.

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Bsnl Pppoe Vpi Vci

I have a BSNL Dataone Home500 plan with night(2am - 8am) unlimited, BSNL promises 2mbps download speed, City : Pune.
I was using Huawei Smartax MT880 ADSL router with my desktop very happily.
After I purchased laptop with wifi I decided to switch to type II wireless router, BSNL gave me VMC AN1020-21 router. BSNL Engineer came to my house did the wiring and configured the router, laptop and desktop. Configurations:-
Configuration in new(VMC AN1020-21) router
Internet Configuration
VPI : 0, VCI : 35, Service Category: UBR with PCR
Encapsulation Type : LLC/SNAP, Encapsulation Mode : Bridged
Obtain IP Address Automatically, Enable NAT : ON, Add default route : ON
Always On with username and password
LAN Configuration
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
MTU : 1500
DNS Client Primary : Secondary :
Configuration for Desktop PC TCP/IP
IP Address :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :
Problem is that the internet light on AN1020-21 router always blinks, and download stops every few seconds with significant drop in speed and download time with avg downlaod rate of 1-2 MB/min. Whenever I change back to the old router (SmartAX MT880) there is no such problem and I get avg download rate of 9-10 MB/min. Average results for both old and new routers are:
Router, Ping(ms), Download(mbps), upload(mbps)
Old, 62 ms, 1.62 mbps, 0.16 mbps
New, 144 ms, 0.19 mbps, 0.10 mbps