Can You Use Spotify Songs On Imovie

'Q: How do I get music from Spotify to iMovie? Does anyone know how can I add to an iMovie creation a song taken from Spotify? I have a full account on Spotify, so I can download songs for offline use.' -- Fabrizio asked on the Spotify Community.

If you are Spotify subscriber, you may be eager to put Spotify music into iMovie as BGM. However, Spotify songs are encoded in protected OGG Vorbis format so that you can't play them outside of the Spotify application, let alone import Spotify songs to iMovie program for editing. Solved Can't Add Spotify Music to iMovie. If you are trying to directly add music from Spotify to movie maker, and edit a short video on your phone with something like iMovie, or import your Spotify songs to any other video apps, you will find out that it seems to be an impossible task. Click the ' Convert ' button to start converting the Spotify songs to MP3 format. Once the conversion is done, you can find your downloaded Spotify songs in the MP3 format by clicking the ' History ' button on the upper right corner. Step 4 Add Spotify Songs to iMovie.

If you also come across the same problem, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the following guide, you can learn how to use Spotify music in iMovie for editing.

iMovie is a simple as well as powerful video editing software application developed by Apple Inc. for macOS and iOS devices. It offers many advanced features, which can help you cut video clips into one cohesive project and comes free with any Mac. What's more, it can also use to cut and edit videos, music, and graphics without changing any of the original files. With it, you can create a snappy Instagram clip or maybe even a short film.

It is easy to add background music to iMovie project. If you want to add an audio format, you must choose between MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, and AAC. If you are Spotify subscriber, you may be eager to put Spotify music into iMovie as BGM. However, Spotify songs are encoded in protected OGG Vorbis format so that you can't play them outside of the Spotify application, let alone import Spotify songs to iMovie program for editing.

[Solved] Can't Add Spotify Music to iMovie

In order to get music from Spotify to iMovie, you have to convert Spotify songs to iMovie compatible formats using a third-party Spotify music converter. Fortunately, Macsome Spotify Downloader is such a tool for you. With it, you are able to convert Spotify tracks, albums and playlists to MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV with high output quality kept. In that case, you'd be able to add any song from Spotify you want to your iMovie clip. In this article, we will show how to convert Spotify music to iMovie with Macsome Spotify Downloader in just a few steps.

How to Convert Spotify Music to iMovie Step by Step

Before the beginning, please download and install Macsome Spotify Downloader on your computer. Get started learning how to convert Spotify music to iMovie with the tips below.


Step 1. Add Spotify Music and Playlist.

Click the + button at the top left corner of the main interface, you can choose Spotify tracks or playlist from Spotify application. Or you can drop and drag Spotify songs to the main interface directly.

Step 2. Choose Output Format for iMovie.

Directly click setting button on the program interface to open the Preferences window, and you can set the suitable format for iMovie, such as MP3 or AAC. In the output settings, you could change the output folder as you prefer.

Step 3. Start Spotify Music Conversion.

Please simply click 'CONVERT' button to start Spotify music conversion. After conversion, you can find the converted Spotify songs in the history folder.

Step 4. Add Spotify Music to iMovie.

Now we have converted Spotify music to MP3 audio format successfully. Open iMovie project, you can drag Spotify songs into the timeline of your iMovie project.

Get Macsome Spotify Downloader full version as low as $19.96:

Let’s face it: iMovie’s audio library kinda sucks. In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to add music to iMovie — on both Mac and iPhone — and make better videos as a result.

With iMovie, Apple offers a world of opportunity to anyone interested in making videos.

The software allows you to cut clips, add transitions, overlay titles, and much more — all for free. But if you’ve ever used it, you likely know that iMovie’s seven-song music library is… shall we say, underwhelming?

The good news is you’re not stuck with that tiny, trite collection. Adding other music to your videos in iMovie is a breeze. Let’s walk through the short steps for both Mac and iOS devices now.

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1. Download music for iMovie

In a perfect world, you’d be able to add any song you want to your video. But in reality, it’s usually not that straightforward.

To adhere to copyright laws, all major video platforms — including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo — enforce certain music policies. Here’s YouTube’s, for example.

If you violate these policies, your video may be removed or monetized through ads (to pay the copyright holders). And here’s the kicker: This applies for both commercial and personal use.

So, even if you’re just sharing a photo slideshow of your nephew’s bar mitzvah (mazel tov!) on Facebook, your video may be removed if it contains protected music.


The simplest solution? License copyright-cleared music.

Copyright-cleared music isn’t copyright-free (a common misconception). It just means it’s been approved for use on various platforms. As a result, videos with copyright-cleared music don’t get flagged, taken down, or penalized in any other way.

All of the music I offer on this website is copyright-cleared. So you can safely license any of my songs or — if you want to dramatically increase your musical options —become a Music for Makers Unlimited customer. When you do, you’ll get instant access to hundreds of exclusive tracks that you can then import into iMovie.

But I digress.

Regardless of where you decide to source your music, go ahead and download your song of choice on your computer and open it in iTunes. (If you’re going to be working on iOS and don’t want to use iTunes for some reason, you can alternatively upload the file to your iCloud Drive.)

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2. Import music to iMovie

Can You Use Spotify Songs On Imovie Slideshow

Can you use spotify songs on imovie editing

Get your music handy. It’s time to bring it into iMovie and make some magic.

How to add music to iMovie on a Mac

Open your iMovie project and click the “Audio” tab in the top left. (Make sure “iTunes” is selected in the left panel.) You should then see your entire iTunes library. Search for the song you’d like to use — the one you just added to iTunes in the previous step.

Pro tip: On a Mac, you can also simply drag and drop audio files into iMovie’s media folder (or import by clicking the down arrow button in the top left side of the window) and skip the whole iTunes bit entirely.

How to add music to iMovie on iPhone / iOS

Open your iMovie project, tap the “+” button, and select “Audio.” On the following menu, tap “Songs,” and then find the song you’d like to use. (Can’t locate it? Make sure you’ve synced your iTunes library since adding the song on your computer.)

If you uploaded the song to your iCloud Drive rather than iTunes, select “iCloud Drive” instead of “Audio,” and navigate to the song file.

Can You Put Spotify Songs On Imovie

3. Add music and edit as necessary

Once you’ve found your song, drag it to the very bottom of the editing timeline component. (On iOS, just tap the song to have it automatically added.) This will anchor the track, ensuring it doesn’t get affected by any cuts or edits you make to other audio and video files.

Now, the odds are good that your background music won’t be the perfect length for your video. If it’s too long, grab the right side of the track and drag left. Then, click the fade handle (i.e., the small circle on the right edge of the track — I believe this is available on the Mac version of iMovie only) and drag it left to create a fade out.


How To Use Spotify Songs On Imovie

If the track is too short, you’ll probably need to loop it. For tips on that, check out my beginner’s guide to audio editing.

Imovie song list

Get your groove on

Can You Use Spotify Songs On Imovie Free

Ready to add music to iMovie and make some awesome videos? License a track from our library of royalty-free, copyright-cleared music.

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Can You Use Spotify Songs On Imovie Editing