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Clementine x Male!Reader- Guardian Angel-You turned your back to Lee bashing a walker's brains in, instead, shielding Clementine's eyes with a bright smile. She always liked your smiles, warm, reassuring, and always there. We've just gotta clear the last few and then we can sty here for a. Reviews for Clementine x Male reader; TWD Jacob 11 chapter 1. I like this story. Guest chapter 1. Good keep it up. Noice chapter 1. Each little clementine offers about 60 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. That means that this modestly-sized smoothie, which is made with four clementines, puts you at around 240 percent of fresh, bioavailable vitamin C. That’s twice as much as a glass of Minute Maid and it tastes better, too. Gabe unlocks the door and they open the door. The other side of the restroom door is a tall and strong looking male with three young boys. Both Clementine and Gabe hid their private parts with their hands and Clementine hides her genitals with her hat. Shouted the strong looking male as he sees them naked.

Clementine X Male Reader Endgame 73.5K 1.2K You, Clem and AJ come across a old school with no one but kids. As you stay in the school for a while, you realise that this may be a change for you to call a place home.

I always hated walking alone. Made mefeel, vulnerable. Though for some strange reason I found it easier tobare with under the cover of darkness, like I could hide in theshadows. There was no reason for my fear, I had never been raped,never been mugged, yet I still feared it.

I was heading back to my flat after arather wild party, and though I was exhausted from the dancing andboozing I still felt exhilarated. I hadn't drunk much, yet I stillfelt slightly tipsy, and my head felt kind of dizzy. I had dressedup, nice leather boots, skinny jeans and a revealing top, but wasn'tas stupid as to not bring a coat. The streets were empty, just how Iliked it, and though the cold bit deep into you I thought it kind ofnice. Two streets. Just two streets I reminded myself. I inhaleddeeply, remembering the kiss that had happened just hours ago. Hours?It seemed a life time. Mark Davis, a cute boy just a year older thanme (I'm seventeen by the way), I had fancied him for ages. And now hehad kissed me! It could have been the drink but I didn't care, Iloved the way his mouth moved against mine, how his tongue curledover mine.

'Excuse me love, do you have thetime?' A man asked as he pulled his car up next to me. For a brief second I could see his dark hair falling over his eyes, a pale,perfect face. I quickly lowered my eyes, not want to be caughtstaring. Though I did have another quick peek, he had anunbelievingly handsome face.

'Um, its about eleven I think.'


Clementine X Male Reader Lemon


Clementine X Male Reader Lemon

My heart throbbed, he was so wellmannered to. He had to be my dads age at least, in his early thirtiesor something. I grinned quietly to myself. I stepped closer, so hecould hear me better and began to speak.

'I said its about -'

I never got the rest of the sentenceout. The car door swung open and I felt his hand grab my wrist. Inseconds he had dragged me through the door and into the passengerseat. I felt the door slam behind me and the car screech as hefloored the accelerator. Shock. There had been times when I imaginedthings like this, what I would do, what I would say. I felt sure Icould get away, could kick and yell and bite until I tore my way outof the car. It was one thing that always made me laugh when I heardstories like this, how could one man drive and hold onto his victim.I had my question answered immediately. One handed the man drove hiscar while he pulled out a knife with the other. With one fluid motionhe had raised it to my throat, grinning sadistically.

Clementine X Male Reader

'One word and I'll slit your throat,understand? Now, be a good girl and sit there for me until we gethome. I'm going to put my knife down, but seriously, I can stick itthrough your head before you even think about moving.'

Twd Clementine X Male Reader Lemon

Clementine X Male Reader

The man lowered his knife and smirkedat me, before turning his attention back to the road. I sat thereobediently, to terrified to move. I tried to push away the morbidthoughts that clung to me, told me I was going to die. And worse. Itseemed like an age that he drove for, weaving in and out of smallroads and back allies. Every time the car slowed my heart hammeredeven worse inside my chest. Finally we left the city behind, a tearran down my cheek as I watched the last sky rise building fade intothe distance. The man wiped away the tear from my face, his cool handbrushing my skin. I flinched. Then the car slowed and finally stoppedoutside a solitary looking building. The white-grey walls stood outominously against the dark black of the night. Tree's circled thehouse as if hiding it from view, a dirty path led into the house thenaway into the tree's. I couldn't help it, I started to shake. The mansmiled sympathetic. He climbed out of the car then circled round tomy side. I thought about running but as soon as I processed thethought he opened the car door.

'Welcome home peaches.'