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Sending a slash command in Tera Only thing i have not figured out is how to send a slash command in tera so basically i want to send a /follow player1 via hotkey from. With commands that have Player in it: Ex: / inspect Nobukon With commands that have Enter text here in it: Ex: / rp wishes you good luck With commands that have Channel-Name 4-Digit-Password in it: Ex: / make BAMHunter 1234 With commands that have just the command and nothing more in it: Ex: / location (Just click enter).

Are There Commands In Terraria

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Commands In Tera

How To Enable Commands In Terraria

This article is about Finish commands in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. For other uses, see Finish Command.

Finish Commands (フィニッシュコマンドFinisshu Komando?) are special techniques that can be used in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. They are powerful attacks, often with special effects.


When the Command Gauge is filled, without activating a Command Style, the Attack command is replaced with the equipped Finish command, which can then be executed with , ( in Japan). The user is invulnerable to enemy attacks while executing a Finish command.

Terra, Ventus, and Aqua each have a tree of Finish commands that they can use, with one available from the start. Each successive Finish command can be unlocked by fulfilling certain cumulative conditions while the previous command is equipped. For example, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can each use Surprise! 1 once they have collected a total of 1400 munny while Gold Rush is equipped.

Finish commands can be equipped and renamed from the menu, which can be accessed either from the Deck Command menu or from the Status menu.

Each Dimension Link has a unique Finish command for each of its levels and each Command Style has its own Finish command that shares its name. Additionally, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix introduces Illusion commands, each of which has its own unique Finish command.

List of Finish Commands[edit]

Finish (Terra) (フィニッシュ
1PhysicalSmite foes with a powerful jumping attack.TUnlocked from the start
Finish (Ventus) (フィニッシュ
1PhysicalPunish foes with a flurry of quick attacks.VUnlocked from the start
Finish (Aqua) (フィニッシュ
1PhysicalLaunch orbs of magic upward and knock surrounding enemies into the air.AUnlocked from the start
Heat Slash 1 (ヒートスラッシュ1
Hīto Surasshu 1
2FireFinishFrizzle foes with a fiery spin attack.TVAActivate the Firestorm Command Style 8 times.
Heat Slash 2 (ヒートスラッシュ2
Hīto Surasshu 2
3FireHeat Slash 1Cloak yourself in fire an perform a jumping attack, then press at the right time to follow with a spin attack.AActivate the Firestorm Command Style 12 times.
Rising Rock 1 (ロックライズ1
Rokku Raizu 1
?, lit. 'Rock Rise 1')
2PhysicalFinishBring enemies down with a spin attack and jumping attack.TEarn 2000 CP.
Rising Rock 2 (ロックライズ2
Rokku Raizu 2
?, lit. 'Rock Rise 2')
3PhysicalRising Rock 1Smite enemies with a spin attack and jumping attack, after which boulders burst from the ground and knock foes into the air.TEarn 4200 CP.
Dark Star 1 (ブラックスター1
Burakku Sutā 1
?, lit. 'Black Star 1')
4PhysicalRising Rock 2Smite enemies with spin and jumping attacks, then end by sending a meteor crashing down upon them. Blinds and stuns foes.TDefeat 420 enemies.
Dark Star 2 (ブラックスター2
Burakku Sutā 2
?, lit. 'Black Star 2')
5PhysicalDark Star 1Smite enemies with a spin attack and jumping attack, then end by raining meteors down upon them. Blinds and stuns foes.TDefeat 550 enemies.
Air Flair 1 (エアアーツ1
Ea Ātsu 1
?, lit. 'Air Arts 1')
2PhysicalFinishKnock enemies into the air with a flurry of wind-powered attacks. Stuns some foes.VEarn 2000 CP.
Air Flair 2 (エアアーツ2
Ea Ātsu 2
?, lit. 'Air Arts 2')
3PhysicalAir Flair 1Knock enemies into the air with a flurry of wind-powered attacks and a spin attack. Stuns some foes.VEarn 4000 CP.
Air Flair 3 (エアアーツ3
Ea Ātsu 3
?, lit. 'Air Arts 3')
4PhysicalAir Flair 2Punish foes with a flurry of wind-powered attacks, then mop up with several spin attacks. Stuns some foes.VTake 4500 steps.
Air Flair 4 (エアアーツ4
Ea Ātsu 4
?, lit. 'Air Arts 4')
5PhysicalAir Flair 3Punish foes with a flurry of wind-powered attacks, then mop up with several spin attacks. Always stuns enemies.VTake 7000 steps.
Magic Pulse 1 (マジックパルス1
Majikku Parusu 1
2PhysicalFinishLaunch orbs of magic upward and knock surrounding enemies into the air. Confuses some foes.AEarn 2000 CP.
Magic Pulse 2 (マジックパルス2
Majikku Parusu 2
3PhysicalMagic Pulse 1Launch orbs of magic upward, confusing or freezing some foes.AEarn 3800 CP.
Magic Pulse 3 (マジックパルス3
Majikku Parusu 3
4PhysicalMagic Pulse 2Launch orbs of magic upward which confuse, freeze, or bind some foes.ADefeat 350 enemies.
Magic Pulse 4 (マジックパルス4
Majikku Parusu 4
5PhysicalMagic Pulse 3Press at the right times to repeatedly launch orbs of magic upward which freeze, bind, or cause other negative status effects.ADefeat 500 enemies.
Gold Rush (ゴールドラッシュ
Gōrudo Rasshu
2PhysicalFinishPerform a leaping strike that sometimes causes enemies to drop munny.TVACollect 1000 munny.
Ramuh's Judgement (ジャッジオブラムウ
Jajji obu Ramū
?, lit. 'Judge of Ramuh')
3Thunder(T:) Rising Rock 1
(V:) Air Flair 1
(A:) Magic Pulse 1
Cloak yourself in lightning and perform a flurry of quick attacks, then press at the right time to follow with a jumping attack.TVAActivate the Thunderbolt Command Style 12 times.
Twisted Hours (クレイジーアワーズ
Kureijī Awāzu
?, lit. 'Crazy Hours')
3Physical(T:) Rising Rock 1
(V:) Air Flair 1
(A:) Magic Pulse 1
Gold Rush
Press at the right times to throw the Keyblade at the enemy repeatedly. Inflicts Stop and Slow on some foes.TVATake 7000 steps.
Surprise! 1 (サプライズ1
Supuraizu 1
3PhysicalGold RushFocus your power and then unleash a jumping attack. Press the button shown and you will earn prizes.TVACollect 1400 munny.
Surprise! 2 (サプライズ2
Supuraizu 2
4PhysicalTwisted Hours
Surprise! 1
Focus your power and then unleash a jumping attack. Press all three of the buttons shown to earn lots of prizes.TVACollect 5200 munny.
Heal Strike (ヒールストライク
Hīru Sutoraiku
4Physical(T:) Rising Rock 2
(V:) Air Flair 2
(A:) Magic Pulse 2
Press at the right times for a series of charging and spin attacks. The spin attacks restore your HP.TVAUse the effect of Second Chance or Once More to survive lethal damage 5 times.
Random End (ランダムエンド
Randamu Endo
4PhysicalTwisted HoursPress at the right times to cause negative status effects with Keyblade throws and charging and jumping attacks.TTake 8000 steps.
Explosion (エクスプロージョン
5Physical(T:) Dark Star 1
(V:) Air Flair 3
(A:) Magic Pulse 3
Smite enemies with a powerful jumping attack that causes a massive explosion and always stuns enemies caught in the blast.TVAEarn 6400 CP.
Celebration (セレブレイション
5Surprise! 2Finish with a stroke of luck that brings tons of munny and prizes raining down.VCollect 7000 munny.
Ice Burst (アイスバースト
Aisu Bāsuto
5BlizzardMagic Pulse 3Perform a spinning attack, the follow with a series of Blizzard blasts.AActivate the Diamond Dust Command Style 15 times.
Demolition (デストロイアーツ
Desutoroi Ātsu
?, lit. 'Destroy Arts')
6PhysicalDark Star 2Rain meteors down on enemies and trigger explosions. Use to move the marker along the ground and direct the meteor strikes.TEarn 10000 CP.
Stratosphere (セレスティアル
?, lit. 'Celestial')
6PhysicalAir Flair 4Press the right button for whirlwind boosts that bring you crashing down on foes. Finish with a dive that triggers a devastating storm.VDefeat 800 enemies.
Teleport Spike (テレポブラスト
Terepo Burasuto
?, lit. 'Teleport Blast')
6PhysicalMagic Pulse 4Generate several magic orbs, then press the buttons shown to launch them toward enemies as you teleport from orb to orb.ADefeat 800 enemies.

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