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The eLicenser Control Center is a utility that allows for managing music software licenses by a variety of manufacturers.

Install Cubase LE AI Elements 9 Full 2017. Software/license activation (how to use Activation Codes) Cubase AI or Cubase LE 4/5/6 Registration Fails; Contact support; Soft-eLicenser help/FAQ (license stored on hard disk) Comments 0 comments. Article is closed for comments. Company Press Careers Distributors. The new activation code will be displayed and also be sent to you by mail. In case the Soft-eLicenser you've selected for reactivation contains several licenses, you receive multiple activation codes - one code per license. Cubase AI or Cubase LE 4/5/6 Registration Fails; Comments 0 comments. Article is closed for comments.

Via the eLicenser Control Center licenses can be downloaded and stored on a USB-eLicenser (dongle, license key) or in a Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container on hard disk). Many licenses can also be transferred to other eLicensers via the eLicenser Control Center. Possible license transactions depend on the respective software and license.

Operation & Support

The most commonly used task of the eLicenser Control Center is the license activation.
Click here to learn all about activating and downloading licenses.

This video illustrates the license management by real life examples.

In case you experience difficulties, please install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center. Download links for both Windows and Mac can be found below.
If you have trouble activating a specific license even though you have installed the latest eLicenser Control Center, please refer to the manufacturer of your software (see box at the right).


Cubase le ai elements download

These help articles provide additional information on licenses, the eLicenser Control Center, Soft-eLicensers and USB-eLicensers :

Cubase Le Ai Elements 9.5 Activation Code

For licenses stored on a USB-eLicenser (dongle): USB-eLicenser - Details, Tips and Troubleshooting
If you don't use a USB-eLicenser (license on hard disk): Soft-eLicenser FAQ

Keep your Activation Code(s) ready. Once your software is installed correctly, launch the eLicenser Control Center software found under Start menu / Programs / eLicenser on Windows or in the Applications folder of Mac OS X. Click the 'Enter Activation Code' button to download the license for your Steinberg product to the Soft-eLicenser. Cubase AI and LE are both powerful Digital Audio Workstations that come included with a diverse range of music equipment. Inside the box of your purchased eq.

Download the latest eLicenser Control Center

Cubase ai activation code

Most issues with Soft-eLicensers or USB-eLicensers, activation codes and licenses can easily be solved by installing the latest eLicenser Control Center.

After the installation, please open the eLicenser Control Center and apply the 'Maintenance & Online Synchronisation' by clicking on 'Perform Maintenance Tasks' (or click on the 'Maintenance' button if not shown).


Mac OS X 10.9 · 10.10 · 10.11 · macOS 10.12 · 10.13 · 10.14 · 10.15 · 11.0


Windows 7 · Windows 8.1 (64-bit) · Windows 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later must be installed!
December 8, 2020 · 32.3 MB
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)
December 8, 2020 · 65.2 MB
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)

Alternative versions for support purposes

Before installing one of the following versions, please uninstall already installed versions of the eLicenser Control Center properly. Please use 'Apps resp. Programs and Features' under Windows or the '' included in the disk image for macOS.



Previous version

Mac OS X 10.9 · 10.10 · 10.11
macOS 10.12 · 10.13 · 10.14 · 10.15
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)
Please use this version only if you experience difficulties with the current eLicenser Control Center available above.

License database compatibility for Mac OS X 10.8

October 17, 2019 · 35 MB
Mac OS X 10.8
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)
This version allows for updating the license database of the eLicenser Control Center under Mac OS 10.8. This can be done via the 'Maintenance' function and is required for the recognition of newer licenses. Read more...

Previous version

Juli 2, 2020 · 63 MB
Windows 7 · Windows 8.1 (64-bit) · Windows 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later must be installed.
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)

Please use this version only if you experience difficulties with the current eLicenser Control Center available above.

Downloads for older operating systems

Note: The installers below are the last compatible versions for the respective operating systems. 'Maintenance' and license database updates are not possible anymore with these eLicenser Control Center versions! Further details...



August 11, 2014 · 27.6 MB
Mac OS X 10.7
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)
July 14, 2014 · 26.8 MB
Mac OS X 10.6
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)
May 30, 2012 · 14.6 MB
Mac OS X 10.5
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)
August 10, 2010 · 12.3 MB
Mac OS X 10.3 · 10.4
eLicenser Control Center
This version does not include an uninstaller.
Release Notes (PDF)
14th of July, 2014 · 33 MB
Windows XP SP 3 · Windows Vista
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5 must be installed!
eLicenser Control Center
Release Notes (PDF)

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System Requirements:

Cubase Elements 9.5

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