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C: Users username.CONTROL4 Documents Control4 Drivers. This the Control4 system default location for DriverWorks drivers. The example directory looks like this: If we import the HelloWorld.c4z file into the Driver Editor environment, we can go back and see that a new directory has been created: The HelloWorld File Folder was created. Adeo Control Server Gateway DALI & DMX Driver Suite. Adeo Group S.r.l. Manufacturer: Panasonic: Model: TX-65HX940E: Creator: Control4: Modified Date: Mon Jul 06 14:52:00 UTC 2020: Device Type: TV: Control Method: IP. INSTEON Driver for Control4. INSTEON Driver for Control4 is the most complete integration driver for INSTEON available. This driver will provide a native INSTEON instegration in Control4. It use one of the following Insteon Interface to communicate: - Powerlinc Serial Modem model 2412S or 2413S - Smartlinc model 2412N - INSTEON Hub.


The Crow Group designs and manufactures advanced security solutions for the worldwide integrated security market. The Crow Group offers its proven expertise from the protected area site to the central monitoring centers. These aggressively priced security systems may be observed and controlled through an interface module they offer, called the sniffer. This driver connects to the security system through RS232 or through Ethernet using an additional convertor and allows the manipulation through composer interfaces of Control4. Complete control panel of Crow is reachable through the user interfaces.

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Dahua Control4 Driver

*Updated for bug fixes (28.08.2014)

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Control4 Ring Driver

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Lts Control4 Driver

  • Bi-Directional Communication
  • Connects through RS232 or Ethernet (with additional equipment)
  • Trial mode available.
  • This driver does not work with Serenity series