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How to make a beat on La Scratcheuse ?

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  4. Beat Maker free. software download
  • Select a mood
  • Pick a pack of loops
  • Make live music
  • Record your own beats
  • Listen to your beats
  • Download and share your beats

La Scratcheuse’s beatmaking software has the shape of a vinyl turntable on which you interact with music loops. By intuitively managing these loops on the vinyl machine, you can create live music and record your own beats. No need for instruments, skills or money. We bring you everything you need to make a beat online for free.

Why does La Scratcheuse exist ?

Explore the fundamentals of music via Ableton's interactive website. Experiment with beats, melody, harmony, basslines, and song structure in your web browser. Flstudiosoundpacks.com offers Royalty free loops, Hip Hop Drum Sounds, drum loops, Guitar loops, vocal samples and many more products. Listen to our demos, browse our site, feel free.

La Scratcheuse’s online beat maker is designed to be easy to use and fun while still allowing the production of good quality beats. By providing harmonious packs of loops and sharing a unique and intuitive beat making experience, we hope our audience can discover or confirm their passion for music making. We created this music making game for every child and adult willing to learn how to compose a beat and make their first beat.

Make your own beats with an original and unique collection of packs of loops

Just like the first Hip-Hop producers who started the beat making practice by playing and scratching vinyls on turntables, you get to dig vinyls in a records library too !

Vinyls are prepackaged packs of loops developed by professional producers who work for top chart rappers and independent artists.


Beat Maker Free Online


To build a full beat, play with percussions (kick, snare, High Hat…), instruments (piano, saxophone, 808 bass…), voices, FXs, that are composed to sound good together. Each pack is designed to be harmonious in rhythm and tone by respecting a unique tempo and pitch. Right now, you can play with 14 moods (Chill, Trap, Dark, Happy, Gangsta, Energetic, Sad, Nostalgic, Dance, Electro, Epic, Sunset, Voices, Cloud). That means more than a thousand loops you can have fun with when making your own beats. More will be added in the future to increase your creativity even more.

Record your beat, download them and share them on Tik Tok, Youtube…

Electro beat maker free. software download windows 10Electro Beat Maker free. software download

When you create a beat on La Scratcheuse, you can download it and share it on Tik Tok to participate in challenges with friends, or Youtube to add music to your video or publish your music creations. You can download your beats by buying each beat individually or by buying a Premium pass to get unlimited free downloads.

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Electro Beat Maker free. software download Sites

Regarding legal matters, we got you covered! You can share your downloaded tracks on social platforms as long as it is not for commercial or any kind of monetization purposes. In the latter case, please ask us for an authorization by mail.

Enjoy a Free online beatmaking experience

With your account, you can enjoy a FREE experience :

  • Play with all vinyls
  • Record beats
  • Save your favorite packs of loops
  • Organize your collection of beats
  • Listen to beats whenever you want
  • Download your beats for 0,99$ each

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If you want to get rid of Ads and download your beats for free, you can buy a Pass and enjoy the Premium experience.

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  • Beat Maker free. software download

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