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Development of the top 25 corporations in EVE Online since 2012 It shows the ebb and flow of some of the long standing corporations as well as the rise of the new player friendly corporations in Null sec, starting with Brave Newbies Inc. Then followed by KarmaFleet and Pandemic Horde Inc. 5 AM, April the 18th, 2005. Mirial, CEO of the giant Ubiqua Seraph corporation, warped into the Haras solar system with her most trusted lieutenant. Brand Newbros in TEST is a great choice along with the others like BRAVE or Horde. It's a newbro focused corp with a lot of experienced null-sec players, which basically means they'll drag you out on a fleet to die in a glorious fire, but you learn a lot.

NPC Corporations are organizations in EVE not run by players (as opposed to player-run corporations). Players cannot freely join NPC corporations, instead, players are placed into an NPC corporation under the following conditions:

  • When a character is first created, they will be placed in an NPC starter corporation (which one depends on the character's education)
  • When a character leaves a player-run corporation, they will be placed in a default NPC corporation (which one depends on the character's bloodline)
  • When a character joins Faction Warfare as an individual, they will be placed in the appropriate NPC faction warfare corporation

Additionally, almost all NPC corporations offer missions (through agents) to players, which they can complete to earn ISK, Loyalty Points, and standings. With the large number of NPC corporations in the game, it is difficult to know what benefits standings with each corporation provides. Some NPC corporations are simply better than others, and blindly grinding standings will not maximize your benefit.

  • 3Epic Arcs

NPC Starter Corporations

A newly created character will always be in one of the NPC starter corporations. These are the three 'school' type NPC corporations of each empire.The specific school will depend on your choice of education, be it military, scientific or civilian.The specific education name varies by empire and bloodline. Note that once you leave the NPC starter corp you can never return.

EmpireStarter NPC Corp
AmarrHedion University
AmarrImperial Academy
AmarrRoyal Amarr Institute
CaldariSchool of Applied Knowledge
CaldariScience and Trade Institute
CaldariState War Academy
GallenteCenter for Advanced Studies
GallenteFederal Navy Academy
GallenteUniversity of Caille
MinmatarPator Tech School
MinmatarRepublic Military School
MinmatarRepublic University

Default NPC Corporations

Best Beginner Corporations Eve Online

Whenever characters leave a corporation without joining a new one, they will become member of a specific default NPC corporation.This NPC corp will depend entirely on your choice of bloodline during character creation.

KhanidMinistry of War
Ni-KunniImperial Shipment
CivireCaldari Provisions
DeitisDeep Core Mining Inc.
GallenteThe Scope
Jin-MeiGaroun Investment Bank
BrutorBrutor Tribe
SebiestorSebiestor Tribe
VherokiorNative Freshfood

Epic Arcs

Main Factions

Each of the main factions has one corporation whose standings will allow you to run their faction epic arc. Faction standings can be used in place of corporate standings, so it is not necessary to raise a character's standings with these corporations in particular if their standings with the corporation's faction are high enough.

Right to RuleAmarrMinistry of Internal Order
PenumbraCaldariExpert Distribution
WildfireMinmatarBrutor Tribe

Pirate Factions

The pirate faction arcs can be done if your standing is 3.0 or higher with any of the associated factions or corporations. The important thing to note here is that access to the arc can be gained by factions and corporations unrelated to the pirate factions themselves. This means that you can access the pirate arcs even if you have extremely low standings with the pirate factions themselves.

Angel SoundAmarrAmarr Imperial Navy
Smash and GrabCaldariYtiri
Smash and GrabGallenteFederal Intelligence Office
Angel SoundMinmatarRepublic Security Services
Angel SoundAngel CartelDominations
Smash and GrabGuristasGuristas

Trade Hubs

If you have high standings with the corporation that owns a major trade hub, you will pay lower fees in that trade hub.

Trade HubFactionCorporation
Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family AcademyAmarrEmperor Family
Tash-Murkon Prime II - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation FactoryCaldariKaalakiota Corporation
Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly PlantCaldariCaldari Navy
Motsu VII - Moon 6 - Caldari Navy Logistic SupportCaldariCaldari Navy
Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly PlantGallenteFederation Navy
Oursulaert III - Federation Navy Testing FacilitiesGallenteFederation Navy
Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe TreasuryMinmatarBrutor Tribe
Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation FactoryMinmatarBoundless Creation


These corporations offer research agents.

AmarrCarthum Conglomerate
CaldariLai Dai Corporation
CaldariIshukone Corporation
CaldariKaalakiota Corporation
GallenteDuvolle Laboratories
GallenteRoden Shipyards
MinmatarBoundless Creation
MinmatarCore Complexion Inc

Loyalty Point Stores

All corporations with agents that offer missions have loyalty point stores. Of these, some corporations offer particularly valuable items in their stores that are not available elsewhere. In the case of items that are present in multiple stores, prices for these items may vary between corporations.

Sisters of EVEThe SanctuaryThis corporation offers items at a 20% discount compared to SoE LP store prices elsewere, but the one and only station with agents is in the Sisters-owned section of Pure Blind, which is surrounded by player-owned space.
Mordu's Legion CommandMordu's LegionThis corporation has only one station with agents and an LP store, located in the Legion-owned section Pure Blind, which is surrounded by player-owned space.
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After you install the EVE Online client and sign up and create your character, you are ready to play.This guide tells you some of the things you can do when you are first starting out in EVE Online.

I joined EVE Online. Now what?

You've joined EVE online, and now you're not sure what to do next.You have a character who has a small, rookie ship with simple weapons andmining lasers. Your character has already learned some skills from an instituteof higher learning in New Eden. What now?

Train Skills

In EVE Online, you can learn skills to improve your ability to do things in the game.Learning skills is extremely important for improving your game and openingup new possibilities. As you learn skills, you earn skill points.Skills take time to train, but fortunately, untilyou reach 1.6 million skill points, you will train skills twice as quickly.

Join a Player Corporation

Players in EVE can make their own corporations, usually with the goal of generating as much income as possible.Many of these corporations are friendly to new players and will help teach you the basics. They can also giveyou plenty of things to do.

EVE Online has an in-game recruitment tool that allows you to find player corporations that are a good fitfor you.

Decide on your Focus

Since there are so many skills to train, it helps to find out which activities in EVEthat you find most enjoyable, and focus your skill training on improving yourabilities in that area.

Eve Online Best Corporations

Two of the main activities in which you can participate in EVE Online are combat and industry. In general, combat involves piloting a ship that is designedto deal damage efficiently and is fitted with powerful weapons. Industry is a non-combat discipline that includes mining, research, manufacturing,and trade.

Eve Online Best Corporations 2020


If you are interested in combat, you have many options.

For basic combat opportunities, visit a station and see if any of the NPC corporationshave combat missions available. There are alwayscorporation agents who will hire you to do their dirty work, which includeskilling pirates, or ships of enemy factions or corporations. These missions mayinclude non-combat activities like hauling cargo from one place to another.Different types of agents provide different types of jobs.

For more advanced combat experience, you can become a pirate,joining with the many NPC pirate factionsof New Eden.


Eve Online Best Corporations Universities

You can also engage in PVP combat. Join a player corporation and fightthe players of corporations at war with yours. Or you can simply attack otherplayers for no reason and hope that you don't get in trouble with the law.Some solar systems have a greater CONCORD presence than others, while some haveno law enforcement at all, leaving you free to blast anyone and everyone to smithereens, assuming they don't get you first.

You can also join the military, and fight battles as a soldier.

You can look for deadspace complexes, which are dangerous areas full of enemies that guard valuable loot, much like a dungeon.

To support your combat path, you will want to train up skills that enableyou to pilot bigger, more powerful ships fitted with bigger, more powerfulweapons.

There are skills that improve your ability to move your ship around,skills that enable you to pilot more powerful ships, skills that enable you to use your weapons more efficiently, skills that allow you to fit more modules to your ship, and so on.

In short, there are many skillsthat you can train that will make you a better fighter, so look throughyour skill training list (and set your skill list to show all skills) to seewhat you can train. The certification planner can also help you train thebest skills for being a fighter.

Industry and other non-combat activities

If fighting isn't really your thing, there are plenty of options fornon-combat activities in EVE Online.

Mining is one of those options. Ships such as mining barges are designed specifically to fit powerful strip minerlasers and carry a largecargo of minerals. You would do well to train up your skills and earn ISK to buy a cruiser of your faction that is designed to be good for mining.Here is a more in-depth guide to miningin EVE Online.

Eve Online Best Corporations 2019

Manufacturing is another option. In the marketplace, you can find blueprintsthat you can bring to a station with the required ore (which will be listedin the blueprint information window) and set up a manufacturing job in thestation's factory (if it has one). You can become a better manufacturerif you train up the right skills.

Eve Online Joining A Corp

You can also work toward becoming proficient atbuying and selling in the Marketplacefor profit.