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Download FIFA 14. An update to the popular soccer simulator game. Features: - Last Summer Transfers 2020/2021 v1 - Leagues & Competitions updated 2019/2020 season - New Kits 2020/2021 MINI Teams - New Faces Added 2019/2020 - New HD Stadiums 2019/2020 - New Graphic Menu Like FIFA 20 - New League Added - Greece League - New Teams Added ( Al Ahly SC, Zamalek, Wydad) - New Balls & Boots 2019/2020 - NEW KIT 2021 UPDATE - Update Players Ratings - New Young Players.

New FIFA 14 Mod by Micano4u. If you're looking for an alternative of ModdingWay FIFA 14 Mod, this might be the best for you. Features of FIFA 14 Next Season Patch 2019 Season 2018/2019. Fifa 14 Squad Update free download - FIFA 99 demo, FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS, FIFA Soccer 2005 demo, and many more programs.

Genre: Sports
Publisher: EA Sports
Supported Languages: Český, Deutsch (DE), English (UK), English (US), Español (ES), Español (MX), Français (FR), Magyar, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português (BR), Português (PT), Русский язык

Fifa 14 To Fifa 20 Pc Download

FIFA 14 plays the way great matches are contested—with innovations that inspire fans to build play through the midfield and dictate the tempo of a match. Feel the tension as chances are created. Experience the thrill of hitting the back of the net. Explore how new features such as Pure Shot and brand-new ball physics transform shooting and make every shot attempt satisfying. Feel the exhilaration as your player connects with the perfect strike, and refine your game until you can compete at legendary levels.
Online features and live services connect you to the heartbeat of the sport—and to fans around the world—and game modes like FIFA Ultimate Team leverage thousands of real players from real leagues and clubs for unparalleled authenticity. Compete online against friends or rival players from around the world in a massive online community. With more than 3 million games played daily, there is always an opponent ready in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Or, compete on your own with a deep, single-player offline mode called Seasons. Attempt to win promotion across 10 divisions as the challenge and fun grows.

Game Features:
• FIFA Ultimate Team: Experience an exhilarating combination of FIFA gameplay and fantasy sports. This incredibly popular game mode opens up a universe of new possibilities for building dream teams and authentic sides, as you compete with friends and rivals around the globe.
Career Mode: Search for talent year-round with the new Global Scouting Network and bring the world of professional scouting to life. Develop and refine your own scouting network. Evaluate players to uncover their attributes to decide who could bolster your squad during the transfer windows. The all-new hub delivers easy navigation and live scouting reports.
Complete authenticity: Enjoy all the authenticity EA SPORTS is known for with officially licensed clubs, leagues and more than 15,000 players. Immerse yourself in Career Mode to play through a lifelong career. Explore Be a Pro to take control of a specific player on the pitch with an isolated camera and all the tactics that come with playing a specific role on a team.
Skill Games: This competitive practice mode helps you learn—and then master—the fundamental skills necessary to compete in FIFA 14. Become a better player, faster, no matter what your skill level.

System Requirements:
• OS: Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
• RAM: 2GB RAM for Windows Vista & Windows 7
• Hard Drive: 8.0 GB, with additional space required for saved games and DirectX 9.0c installation
• Video: 3D accelerated 256 MB video card with support for Pixel Shader 3.0
• Minimum Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 3600, NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT
• DirectX: 9.0c
• Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Dual Analogue gamepad, VOIP Headset
• Online Multiplayer: 2-22 players, 512 kbits/sec or faster
Recommended System Requirements
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4g / AMD Athlon II X4 600e 2.2g
• Hard Drive: 8.0 GB, with additional space required for saved games and DirectX 9.0c installation
• Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible

Fifa 14 Update To Fifa 20 Pc Download

• Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Dual Analogue gamepad, VOIP Headset
Download fifa for pc
• Online Multiplayer: 2-22 players, 512 kbits/sec or faster

Fifa 14 Update To Fifa 20 Pc DownloadDownload
ATTENTION: Windows 8 will be officially supported for this product.

Download Fifa 20

Oddly enough, sports and video games do get along very well, and the sales numbers of the FIFA games yearly are clear proof of that. Some people even update their consoles and buy new ones just so that they can play the FIFA games. After all, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and the only competition the official FIFA game has is Pro Evolution Soccer. Here we’ll talk about FIFA 14, and see if the game stays fresh after so many yearly releases, and see why it’s still more popular than Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

About the game

When you release a similar game yearly, it is really hard to get new things added. Development time usually has to be rushed, and they're forced to reuse most of the materials with upgrades. And since soccer itself hasn't changed a lot in the past decades, it makes it even harder to add new features.

In this sense, the game struggles to stay fresh and differentiate itself from its predecessor. However, they did improve some things in the game. You can't change the sport itself, but there are always some things to improve and small mechanics to implement to make the game feel fresh every year.


Even though at first sight it is pretty similar to the past couple of games in gameplay terms, once you get your hands on the controllers you see how much things have changed in the past years. They improved the physics and basic movement mechanics of the game to make it feel much more realistic. There used to be some moments where the ball would randomly unnaturally gain speed or bounce. But now the ball looks and feels much more realistic.

The whole AI and the gameplay experience have improved a lot, even the controllers are updated to add new game styles and mechanics. Making all of the game resemble a more fluid and realistic soccer match. The movement of the players are slower but the animations are better, and it even looks more realistic.

Not much new

After mentioning how much he controllers and the physics have improved when compared to past titles, there isn't much more to add to the new things in this version. The same game modes are back with some really small changes to make it feel a bit more fresh. But when it comes to this type of game, the best thing you can do is try to make it more realistic every year. Sports don't change much in just a couple of years, but you can always make your simulation better.

It's really hard to give a score to FIFA 14, it's better than the past game, which makes it the best football soccer game as of 2013, but it doesn't do much for improvement. Still, it's the best at what it does, and that's what makes players keep getting the newest edition of FIFA games throughout the years.

The more realistic the experience the best, and this is one of the best in that. As usual, they did an incredible job at recreating the real players in the game, complete with individual stats included. Rest assured in knowing that all your favorite current players are in there, so if you are a real football fan, then this game is for you.


  • Gameplay improvements
  • Nice physics
  • Good Visuals
  • Varied soundtrack and commentary lines


  • More of the same
  • Lacks innovation
Overall rating: 8