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Adding and Removing Icons

Now that RocketDock is setup, you are ready to add your own icons. You will want to put icons for all the programs you normally use up there. To add or remove icons, or to change their order, you will need to 'Unlock' the RocketDock launch bar. To do this, right-click on any icon, and select 'Lock Items'. When there is a checkmark in front of 'Lock Items', the bar is locked. When there is no checkmark, then bar is unlocked.

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Free Rocketdock IconsFree

When the bar is unlocked, just drag and drop any icons onto the launch bar, as you choose. Left-click on the icon, and hold the left-click down as you move the icon onto the launch bar. When you are on the launch bar, let up on the left-click button. The icon should appear on RocketDock. Repeat this with the icons for each program that you use, until all your icons are on RocketDock.

To remove icons from RocketDock, just drag them off the bar. They will 'poof' and disappear. This only works when RocketDock is 'unlocked' :)

Rocketdock Skins

When you have RocketDock looking the way you want, right-click on any icon, and select 'Lock Items'. This will lock RocketDock, so that you don't accidentally delete icons from RocketDock.

This concludes the RocketDock tutorial.


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