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This is the latest cricket game to play through EA Sports.

645 likes 2 talking about this. High Definition Arts StudioZ Modders of cricket games. HD StudioZ MS Dhoni Cricket 18 Limitless Now Released 08:45 MEGA PATCHES SEPARATE VERSION DOWNLOAD LINKS PRODUCT KEYS 2993-7310-0359-5746-8851 6128-9060-7989-871. HD STUDIOZ CRICKET 19 MEGA a parent company of MEGA Cricket Studio in association with HD StudioZ is proud to present HD StudioZ Cricket 19 MEGA Patch for EA SPORTS CRICKET 07. The most awaited and authentic patch as we bring you HD StudioZ Cricket 19 MEGA Patch for EA Sports Cricket 07. This patch has been developed by HD StudioZ.

While the game doesn't have the best speed while playing and can be slow to download, the graphics are stunning and the game play itself is highly detailed. There are many additions to this version of the game. Your communication with the team is improved along with the handling of the ball. Coaching of the team is also improved, as you are better able to create plays for each team member.

One of the positive aspects of the game is that you have complete control over which foot is used in the game. There is better direction when it comes to kicking and where the ball ends up going, making it easier to score. The power and timing have improved, but there is still a lag while playing. Sometimes, the lag does affect how you play on the field. It can cause you to lose control of the ball and not be able to score, which can be frustrating when the overall score is close.


The keyboard controls are sometimes hard to grasp, but once you figure out which key makes the players move on the field, you can get used to the various other keys for special movements. If you combine enough moves together, then you'll see that there are a few advanced plays that you can perform.

The design of the players is of a better quality than other cricket games. The players look realistic, and they don't move like robots. There is fluidity in the movements with the arms and the legs. Mark Nicholas is one of the commentators, adding a playful spirit to the game while announcing the players and what takes place on the field.


  • Intense realism, such as equipment and movements
  • Amazing camera shots
  • Works with various Windows systems


Hd Studios Cricket Patch

Hd studioz cricket 18

Hd Studioz Cricket 2020

  • Lags while playing
  • Keys can be confusing to use