How To Configure Cdr King Router

RouterConfigureConfigureGooddaytoallthosewho areconsumersof theproductstocd-rking,I makethisblogtoteachyou howtoconfiguredifferentkind of router,butin this blogwefirstfindjustthe productCD-rkingrouters...
The routercd-rkinghas includedsmall compactdiskcontainingtheinstructionon howinstalltheflesh.....Unfortunatelymostbuyerdoes not workwiththem...
*find outwhatthe defaultrouterIPaddress...
*findtheaddressbar and typethe IPaddress192.168.1.254for exampleyouacquired
*Pleaseselectfirstand find outtheWANif yourinternetprovideris alreadydynamic,static,orpppoepppoa
*butmost aredynamicsowe canselectthedynamic(dhcp)
*go backandclick ontheLANandchangetheIPaddressused
if there is adifferencethathas alwaysdone, clickApplychangestothese differencesto saveconfiguration.
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How To Configure Cdr King RouterHow to setup cdr king router as repeater

How To Configure Cdr King Router Default

(3) You need to use instruction manual that came with your router to setup your router, especially SECURITY. Even though you have directly connected the router to your PC via ethernet cable, it doesn't mean that your wireless router isn't broadcasting wireless signals. So, you definitely need to setup security. Nareset ung router try to connect sa WAN using ur phone or tablet. Scan the router wifi name po tapos put mo ung default password. Nung nabili mo ung router, default pass ng CDR King na alam ko is. 00000000 or 12345678 or admin. Pag nkaconnect kna po sa wifi. Use the browser ung Globe icon po. Ung default browser ng Tablets or android phone. Sa search bar type mo