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Using the pan and zoom tool in Adobe Premiere Elements,you can create video-like effects from images or movie clips. Formovie clips, the effect works best when there is minimal movementof objects within the clip.

When working with the pan and zoom tool, you select objects andthe order in which they are panned and zoomed into. Adobe PremiereElements provides you with customization options using which youcan apply the effect according to your requirements.

You can apply pan and zoom effect on any image with a format that Adobe Premiere Elements supports. For a list of supported image formats, see Supported file formats.

For movie clips, you can create an image out of a single frame using Freeze Frames. Import the image into the Adobe Premiere Elements timeline and apply the pan and zoom effect.

  1. Select the image to which you want to apply the pan and zoom effect.

The tool auto detect faces and automatically create pan and zoom sequences focusing on the faces.

The Pan and Zoom tool follows the 'Z' pattern while detecting and creating sequences for recognized faces. Select Reverse Automatic Panning Direction option in the settings dialog box to follow the 'S' pattern. You need to reset and re-apply the setting for changes to take place for already applied frames.

Before you apply the pan and zoom effect, you identifythe objects in the image that you want to pan or zoom into usingfocus frames. Focus frames are resizable rectangles that identifythe location of the object in an image.

For images with more than three focus frames, only the selectedfocus frame, and the focus frames previous and next to it in thesequence are displayed.

If a picture has not been analyzed previously, the followingfocus frames appear when you click the pan and zoom tool icon:

A. Resize handlers B. Focusframe C. Frame Number D. Deletefocus frame E. Pan duration F. Zoom optionsfor focus frames

A. Timeline B. Focusframe marker C. Thumbnail view D. CTI (Currenttime indicator)
  • A focus frame on the complete image.

  • A focus frame at the center of the image.

  1. In the Pan and Zoom tool, click New Frame to add Focus frames to the media.

    • Double-clickthe object or area on which you want to add a focus frame.

    • Select the frame after which you want the new focus frameto appear, and click New Frame. The new focus frame appears in thecenter of the view area.

      Select the new focus frame, and movethe cursor over the frame until the pan (hand) icon appears. Dragto move the focus frame on top of the required object.

    • In the Timeline, move the CTI. A ghost frame (blank framewith dotted border) appears onscreen. Move the CTI to the pointwhere you want to add the new frame and click the ghost frame. Anew focus frame is added at that position.

    • To add a focus frame between two focus frames, move the CTIbetween their corresponding focus markers in the timeline. ClickNew Frame.

For images with more than three focus frames, only the selectedfocus frame and the focus frames previous and next to it in thesequence are displayed.

Frame hints are red colored rectangles displayed on the media. When you click a frame hint, it is converted to a focus frame.

Magnify Effect Premiere Pro Video Editor


Ensure that you click the frame hint only once. Double-clickinga frame hint adds two focus frames.

  1. Move the cursor over the boundary of the focus frame untilthe pan (hand) icon appears.

  2. Drag to move the focus frame on top of the required object.

Reorder focus frames to modifypanning sequence (photos only)

The number on focus frames determines the panning sequence,the sequence in which objects are panned into. For example, thefocus shifts to the object with focus frame 3 after the object withfocus frame 2 is panned.

Magnify Effect Premiere Pro
  1. Do one of the following to change the numbering offocus frames:

    • In the timeline, move the focus framemarkers around based on the sequence you want the correspondingfocus frames to appear. Changing the position of focus frame markersautomatically renumbers focus frames in the order of their appearancein the timeline.

    • Move the focus frames around in the thumbnail strip.

    • Selectthe focus frame, and move your mouse over any of the corners until theresize (double-sided arrow) icon appears. Drag to resize the frame.

    • To zoom incrementally, select the focus frame and move yourmouse over the focus frame. Click the “+” or “-” zoom controls toincrementally change the size of the frame.

  1. Move the mouse over the focus frame. Click the“X” button, or press the Delete key.

Changing the pan duration changes the time for moving fromone focus frame to the next. The pan duration appears on the connectorbetween two focus frames.

Premiere Pro Effect Pack

  1. In the Pan Time dialog, scrub the time duration to the desiredvalue, or enter a value in the dialog box.

Alternatively, you can adjust the focus frame markers in thetimeline to change the pan duration.

Hold time is the duration for which the focus stays onan object before panning comes into effect. Increasing the holdtime increases the time for which the object is displayed when infocus.

  1. Select the focus frame and move the mouse over the focusframe.

  2. In Hold Time, scrub the time duration to the required value.


Alternatively, you can change the hold time by horizontally draggingthe right side marker of a focus frame in the timeline.

  1. Click Play Output to preview pan and zoom effectin the preview panel. Alternatively, scrub the CTI to manually previewthe effect.

  1. Customize the pan, and hold duration values based on yourrequirements.

The zoom options in the pan and zoom toolbar help reducethe size of a focus frame beyond what is possible in the normalview.

For example, the focus frame in normal view is now reduced toa size beyond which it can be reduced no further. However, the sizeis still not small enough for the object on which you want to focus.In such cases, zoom into the object, and then reduce the size ofthe focus frame.

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Pan and zoom effect works best with videos that have minimalmovement of objects in the movie clip.

You can create only one focus frame for every movie frame inthe movie clip.

  1. In the Media panel, right-click the movie clip and selectRun Auto Analyzer.

  2. To create a focus frame, move the CTI to a position in thetimeline where there is no other focus frame. Click New Frame.


Magnify Effect Premiere Pro Transitions

You can work with focus frames in videos the same way that youwork with focus frames for images. However, only those options thatare relevant to movie clips appear in the pan and zoom tool.