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We provide training resources and materials for safe forklift training and certification.

As specified in California Code of Regulations, Title 8, section 3668, all forklift truck operators must complete initial training and be evaluated for operation performance prior to being assigned to operate a forklift truck.

When we talk about safety within materials handling we are not just referring to powered equipment. Manual equipment such as hand pallet trucks can also provide a risk to safety. So since its Safetember, we wanted to give you some advice and tips on how best to operate a hand pallet truck safely.

Manual pallet jack training powerpoint Click here to get file. Controlled manual powered 3. Exles of walkie pedestrian pallet trucks. Click to enlarge mbf series, mbf series hand pallet trucks. Hand pallet truck in qatar, hand pallet truck in qatar suppliers and manufacturers at a. PALLET JACK SAFETY PROCEDURES. Do NOT operate Pallet Jack (Manual or Electric) until trained and authorized by your supervisor. Always check Pallet Jack (Manual or Electric) to see that it is in good working order before attempting to handle a load. Notify your supervisor about any faulty equipment immediately. Using the controller, steer the jack to the pallet you want to move. Slide the jack’s fork under the pallet. Use your jack’s control for raising the pallet off the ground. This control is usually marked with an up arrow. Use the controller to steer the jack to the desired location. These controls are usually marked with left and right arrows.

Refresher performance evaluation is required every three years. Training is to be conducted 'under the direct supervision of persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train operators and evaluate their competence' within each department.

Training Outlines, Certification of Completion, and forklift-related forms are provided below for reference. Please contact EH&S for complete training materials.

Forklift Safety Certification: Initial Training

A combination of formal instruction, practical training and evaluation of the operator’s performance in the workplace.

Forklift Safety Certification: Refresher Training

Required safety training for all employees who operate a forklift; certification must be renewed every three years.

Aerial Lifts (Elevated Working Platforms):

EH&S provides training resources and materials for elevated work platforms (aerial lift) training and certification.

As specified in California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8, section 3646 all elevated working platform (aerial lift) operators must complete training on erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, using, repairing, maintaining and pre-use inspection of the equipment.

Training includes the correct procedures for the safe operation and use of aerial lifts per 8 CCR 3638(d) and 8 CCR 3648 and the understanding of the maximum load capacity of the work platform. This training also covers electrical hazards, fall hazards, hazards from falling objects and as applicable, properly using and wearing fall protection equipment.

Manual Pallet Jack

NOTE: Those using aerial lifts must complete a pre-use inspection and site hazard assessment form prior to use.


Manual Pallet Jack Safety Training


Download Manual, Hydraulic Pallet Jack Training (.ppt)

Policy and Procedure Manual Sections Relating to Forklift Operations

Pallet Jack Repair Manual

  • Section 290-86 Hazardous Operations