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Open source private server for Super Mario Maker (Wii U), integrated with SMMDB and Cemu. For questions or bug reports you can open an issue.


This is prototype-quality software. Do not expect it to work 100% of the time, however you should be able to do the following things:

  • ✔️ 100 Mario Challenge (using random levels from SMMDB).
  • ✔️ Basic functionality in other areas.

How to play SUPER MARIO MAKER on PC using CEMU WII U Emulator!Download Links Below!-Cemu: SMMDB is a cross console/emulator sharing platform for Super Mario Maker courses. Cemu SMMDB is the respective save file editor that uses the platform to download and modify your courses. It can either be used for Cemu, but you can also dump Wii U saves, modify them and load them back to your console. The platform can also be used with a 3DS.

Features that are not implemented:

Download Source Code ️ Sponsor. Open source private server for Super Mario Maker (Wii U), integrated with SMMDB and Cemu. For questions or bug reports you can open an issue. This is prototype-quality software. Do not expect it to work 100% of the time, however you should be.

  • ❌ Level uploading.
  • ❌ Course browser.
  • ❌ Makers.
  • ❌ Bookmarks.
  • ❌ Synchronized stars.


  1. Download SmmServer and extract it somewhere on your hard drive.
  2. Start SmmServer.exe.
  3. Click ‘Start’.
  4. Click ‘Start Cemu’.
  5. Install and start your copy of Super Mario Maker EU v272.


Super Mario Maker 2 Cemu Download


None of this would have been possible without these projects/people:

  • NintendoClients by Yannik Marchand
  • SMMDB by Mario Reder
  • Cemu by Team Cemu
  • Caddy by Matt Holt
  • Umbreon
Mario Maker Cemu Download

Hey master! Do you want to know how to play Cemu online, or how to play Cemu online without Wii U. Then stay connected you are about to know authentic answers for these questions?

How to play Cemu online without Wii U?

Café emulation or Cemu is a specific kind of computer software. It allows Nintendo (Wii U games with the best quality on a PC). Cemu requires a 64-bit processor and 6GB RAM to fix on a computer. Surely Cemu is a single emulator, which is designed with the modern gaming console.

The recent version of cemu declared that; this is the only option that can give the best output hardware performance without any trouble.

Is Cemu online, free to subscribe?

Super Mario Maker Cemu Download Pc

Cemu online is a Wii U emulator app, which is free to subscribe. This Wii U emulator offers you to play the best Nintendo games with a quality of 4k. This gaming app (software) is very easy to operate; also, it supports USB devise as a gaming organizer.

If the game is under the releasing process, then Cemu can make you best experienced before the release. That’s the main reason gamers want to come on their PCs.

Is Super smash bros Wii u Cemu a game?

Super smash bros Wii u Cemu is a fighting game, which is featured with multiplayer. The game gives you a chance for using several techniques.

In this game, a player can attack a lot of times and can utilize different objects for damaging the enemy. Also with the help of these things, a player can force his enemy out of the ground.

When your enemy gets injured, then your percentage will increase automatically. After that, your opponent comes back and tries to do you harm. For this attack, you should have to be prepared. He/she may knock you for letting you out of the fight ground.

Point to remember! Helping items rapidly appear on the battlefield. The victory is depending on a player and his gaming strategies.

How to Cemu online play?

Well everybody knows that a recent version of Cemu does not exist now. Same as my friends; it seems you are also surprising for this quick change. Do you want to know something about Cemu online play? Then this is the right place where you are!

Cemu and Wii U are partners sometimes. For online games, Wii U is necessary with proper WiFi connection. Through you may put files via FTP. After that, we just have to have an SD card (with 64 KB memory and an adapter.

Remember! Before starting you should have to check your Wii U login. When you got a successful login to Wii U, then you are ready to play your favorite game on Wii U with the help of Cemu.

Cemu online multiplayer game (Mario Kart 8):

Mario Maker Cemu Download

In the range of Cemu online multiplayer games, we have a short-range. Recently we have Mario Kart 8 online game published by Nintendo that can be played on Wii U. actually Mario Kart 8 is a kart racing game that is specially developed for racers.

Mario Kart 8 is included in the Mario gaming series. It has multi-players gaming characters, which can take part online in different kinds of gaming rounds. A player can carry different items to get an advantage through he/she may delay the opponent.

This game is designed with anti-gravity features through a player that can drive kart on to walls and ceiling easily. Surely this game is consulted with previous versions of Mario kart games.

Removing (fixing stutter) from Cemu games:

For a quick guide regarding “Removing (fixing stutter) from Cemu games” topic, read below paragraphs carefully. The wild and the legend of Zelda are Nintendo Wii U games that require Cemu emulator for PCs.

Cemu is the most considerable emulator that offers Nintendo games on to computers. Have you ever used Cemu? Surely you had a heavy stutter while game loading. This situation can make you angry while playing a video game. This is why we decided to guide you properly!


By downloading Cemu hook version copy the zip file and move to the Cemu folder. Now you are ready to launch Cemu emulator just press debag (available on the top). After tapping this, you will have a precompiled shader cache; just disable this option.

This way you can stop all the precompiled cache on Cemu. It may take five minutes of yours. Let the shader compiled and you are allowed to load your Cemu game. Of course, this time your game has zero stutters; that you always want to have.

Mario Maker Pc Cemu Download

Final Words:

Cemu is a gaming emulator, which is designed for Wii U games. This is the most important/genuine source for playing a Nintendo Wii U game on a PC. Cemu is free to subscribe by a simple login you may Cemu online simply.

Super smash bros and Mario kart 8 are multiplayer games that can be played on the computer with the help of cemu. If your cemu game has a frequent stutter, then you may get an idea from this article. We have briefed the total info above for this problematic situation. I hope now to have a clear sense of how to play Cemu online without Wii U and how to play Cemu online.