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Or is 2021 a typo and you fear for events in 2012 despite the non-news of the Mayan calendar? We've discussed the false prediction of events of year 2012 many, many times in this forum. Sadly, we will probably have to discuss them many, many more times, as. Curtis Portraits of Native Americans 2021 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, Photography USA America (English, French and Spanish Edition) by BrownTrout Publishers Inc., BrownTrout Publishers Editing Team, et al. Jul 1, 2020.

Mayan Birth Chart

Your Mayan Astrology Birth Chart is displayed as a beautiful work of art of the glyphs of Mayan culture. The positions of each of the five glyphs that you see have significance of different parts of our lives. These glyphs predict our characteristics.

The civilization of the Mayan were very detailed in their approach to astronomy. Without the known vehicles of spaceships or telescopes sent to outer space, they still knew of the planets in the sky and the orbits of the planets too. There concept of time was very intricately researched and understood.

You may relate to a different element from what your Sun Sign / Zodiac Sign element is. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

How is it that they could predict a lunar eclipse over one thousand years in advance? It was because they had a very uncommon knowledge of the universe.

The Mayan calendar developed a system of astrology from their calendar that is called the Tzolk’in which has 20 different day signs and 13 different galactic numbers that adds up to a 260 day cycle for the calendar. This is opposed to the 364 day calendar that most people are familiar with today.


So unlike western astrology were you have only 12 zodiac signs, the Mayan astrology gives 20 signs. It becomes more unique also for each of those 20 signs to also have one out of 13 numbers on top of that.

There are four main directions plus your birth glyph. Your birth glyph is placed in the center. Then the four directions are South, North, East and West.

Your Mayan Birth chart has five different aspects to it. The meanings of them are as follows:

    • Occult: This signifies magical gift that you have in you. This is placed in the south.
    • Ally: This signifies features common with you personality. This is placed in the east.
    • Birth: This signifies the features for your day of birth. This is placed in the north.

  • Challenge: This signifies the challenges that up may have to face and situations where you have to show your courage. This is placed in the west.
  • Guide: This signifies the force that influences your action. This is placed in the north.

The names of the different glyphs are:

Red Dragon, White Wind, Blue Night, Yellow Seed, Red Serpent, White Worldbridger, Blue Hand, Yellow Star, Red Moon, White Dog, Blue Monkey, Yellow Human, Red Skywalker, White Wizard, Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Red Earth, White Mirror, Blue Storm, Yellow Sun.

A detailed description of each of your glyphs that appear in your chart will give you greater insight into who you actually are.

The manufacturing part of a calendar printing venture starts while you hand off all of the photographs, textual content, logos, advertising, and so on. to the printer, and the printer turns it into mayan predictions for 2021 art work so that you can approve and then places it on the press and delivers to you the finished product. Be sure to discuss to your printer early on to fins out how long this takes. In our case at Yearbox, it’s often about three weeks (typically sooner if in case you have a selected deadline). When you anticipate last-minute adjustments or additions, or if you may be proofing by committee, then it’s best to most likely allow just a little extra time – possibly a month in complete – for production.

Since antiquity mayan predictions for 2021 have played a serious role in the cultural, social, religious, and occupational lives of individuals. Fashionable times have seen the appearance of tailored calendars custom-made to suit a person’s particular requirements. Single-page calendars and pocket calendars have lengthy been available in the market. These days, particular calendars can be ordered to suit one’s wants and tastes, at reasonably priced prices. Personalised desktop calendars, wall calendars, magnetic calendars, calendars for gifts, enterprise and official calendars. All might be custom-designed by professional calendar designers. It’s doable to have these calendars feature personal snapshots, quotes, emblem texts and different designs. These can function attention-grabbing fundraisers, yearly presents, and promotional reward options.

Should you print a calendar that you simply plan to sell, you should be sure to develop and implement a solid advertising and marketing plan. Advertising and marketing does not have so as to add to the overall period of the mayan predictions for 2021project – you may and should begin advertising during the planning and manufacturing phases of the mission. However, in the event you wait to start out marketing until you will have the calendars in hand, then you will have to allow a minimum of a couple of further weeks, perhaps more, for your advertising message to reach the intended viewers and inspire them to purchase.

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