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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2008 Crack
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  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 - belated review. Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2013. Verified Purchase. When I purchased the 2008 version of Streets & Trips, it was a couple years out of date. I bought it because the obsolete version maps was much cheaper than the current year. The device and software was.

Close Streets & Trips. Click the download link to start the download. Click Save or Save this program to disk. Save the file in the Data folder; For XP C: Documents and Settings Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Microsoft Streets & Trips 15.0 Data NOTE: in the path string is the username logged into the computer. Microsoft Streets and Trips 2001 By Microsoft Free has removed the direct-download link and offers this page for informational purposes only.

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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2008 Crack
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Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 15.0 Description Microsoft streets and trips for windows 10

Microsoft Streets And Trips For Windows 10

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 is a trip planner for Windows. This application allows you to plan your trips well ahead of time so you can relax and let nothing be randomly decided. Streets and Trips features a complete set of maps of the USA.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 is a trip planner for Windows. This application allows you to plan your trips well ahead of time so you can relax and let nothing be randomly decided. Streets and Trips features a complete set of maps of the USA. All the streets and routes are presented in detail. You can define a start point and an end point, and the application will give you driving directions. You can alter those directions at any time by adding another stop, or changing the destination. This application also has plenty of points of interest from all over the country. You can search for restaurants, scenic places, hotels, cinemas, etc and they will appear on the map. If you want to go there, just right click the place you want to go and select it as a stop. New to the 2008 version are a great array of features that should allow you to make the best out of your trip. If you connect to the Internet, you can now search for places online and you can use keywords to find places. The new navigation screen goes full screen for you to take advantage of the application's directions. Microsoft Streets & Trips can now talk to you and tell you where to turn or how long you should be on a road for. It also brings a PocketPC application for you to take the maps on the go. If you pair it to a GPS, you have an excellent guidance system that will take you everywhere. If gas is a big concern for you, you can use the calculator, to know exactly how much gas it will take for you to get from A to B. This an excellent application that allows you to optimize your trips in a whole different way. The 2008 version tries to push GPS use to the top. The application comes bundled with a GPS receiver and a device that works to identify your position by means of FM broadcasts. Those allow you to make of your laptop a great positioning system. This year they tried to make things better by improving the use of Internet on the application. So, now you should be able to locate points of interest via the Internet and save them offline. The best thing about this application is that you don't need an Internet connection to use the maps.

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03 May, 2012

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Pros:If you have used any version of streets and trips since 2002 you will feel fright at home with this version, it is exactly the same. You will be able to down load the construction updates that they turned off for the older versions.

Microsoft Streets And Trips 2007

Cons:I use a Garmin GPS 18 with my laptop and I bought this to see if it was a better interface. I am so totally disappointed in this product. All of the faults and flaws from S&T 2002 are still there and now they have been expanded to cover a GPS as well. If you get off their route, it will tell you that you are off route, with out the slightest chance that it will automatically recalculate the route, or twll you how to get back on the route. To recalculate you have to go back to the route planner, clear the route and re-enter the destination and press F5 to make it recalculate the route from the current location. If it decides that the other way is still the best route it will go with it and tell you 'off route' with no hint of how to get back on route unless you stop and study the map and figure out where you are and where it wants you to go. A simple turnn around would be so much more helpful.

Microsoft Streets And Trips 2008 Free Download

Overall Review:The Icons are very small and if you expect to glance over at them while you are driving, you had better have 20/20 vision. Very unfriendly and frustrating to use in a vehicle. The free software with the Garmin is so far superior to this it embarrases me that I paid $40 for this junk. After telling it to keep the icon centered I immediately 'drove off the edge of the map' and 20 seconds later it snapped over and just barely had me on the edge of the screen. It wouldn't be so bad if it kept you at the edge of the screen and all the roads in front of you were displayed, but all you get is all the roads you have passed and about 300 feet in front.