Physical Dexterity Test

  1. Functional Dexterity Test
  2. Physical Performance Dexterity Test

Does the academy require a physical ability test? Yes, the academy requires a physical ability test at the conclusion of the POST-required physical conditioning program. What are the academy physical conditioning requirements? The physical conditioning program consists of aerobic, strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility conditioning. Administering medical exams to job applicants prior to making a job offer is expressly prohibited. Finally, there is the concern of candidates injuring themselves while performing a physical ability test (e.g., a test involving heavy lifting may result in a back injury or aggravate an existing medical condition).

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These test criteria measure abilities such as strength, muscular flexibility, and stamina. Examples of the test criteria include: Muscular Tension – Tasks requiring pushing, pulling, lifting; Fine Motor Skills – Tasks requiring the individual to perform dexterity and fine motor skills after being physically taxed. On the other hand, when specific job-related physical requirements are literally put to the test, you have a formal, separate agility/dexterity test. In addition to the medical physical, this is an authorized test that’s commonly administered by a district professional in a real-world setting (including on board a bus). Dexterity tests help to evaluate the manual abilities of individuals in order for therapists to provide the appropriate therapy or treatment that is required. They can also be used to pre-screen employees for jobs that rely on fine motor skills and coordination with the fingers, hands and arms. Learn more about Manipulation/Dexterity Tests.

Physical Dexterity Test

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Physical dexterity is the ability to perform closely controlled and purposeful physical movements. This in part requires perceptual motor coordination for tasks requiring fine motor skills but also includes physical agility and physical mobility

Functional Dexterity Test

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Physical Performance Dexterity Test

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