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Squircle - Download free rocketdock skins. Description: Simple, but extremely high-quality and well-developed skin for RocketDock. A horizontal line, or rather a gray rectangle with slightly rounded corners, will fit on any desktop. Do you think this skin. Skins for program ยป RocketDock skins. Quick Launch Icons. Probably, only the lazy one has not heard about the RocketDock program. It allows you to get rid of the annoying taskbar and place a beautiful, animated dock on your desktop for quick access to folders and applications. The program supports not only personal replacement of icons, but.

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It's true, RocketDock is dead. We've been avoiding it for years now. We've finally come to terms with it. On August 6, 2018 will close its doors. We've currently put the site in Read-Only mode so the community can grab their submissions. The application itself will continue to be hosted here on Punk Labs.

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Lets get a few of the big questions out of the way:
Q: Will RocketDock be open sourced?
A: The quick answer is, no. It isn't as easy as throwing the source code up on a place like Github. There are things, like licensing, that have to be taken into consideration. RocketDock uses libraries that weren't written by Punk Labs that have separate licensing for code and distribution. RocketDock is actually quite a big project and it would take a lot of time to audit the code, remove the libraries, and ideally replace them with something functional.
Q: Is RocketDock 64bit compatibile?
A: RocketDock is a 32bit program, but Windows 10 has a compatibility mode that will allow you to run a 32bit program.
Q: Does RocketDock support Windows 10?
A: RocketDock was last updated for Windows 7. It's old, but still runs on current versions of Windows with limited functionality.
Q: Will the RocketDock addons be moving over to as downloads only?
A: No, the addons will be gone after August 6th.

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We're still here, making games and it couldn't have been done without that first leap with RocketDock. Thank you for all the support. We hope you enjoy our new projects.