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Safe4cam Full Download
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Safe4cam Full Download
Safe4Cam Latitude is a modified version of the security program Safe4cam, that let you locate a stolen laptop computer and identify the alleged perpetrator of the theft.
The application runs in the background every time you start a Windows session, transmitting to its site the IP address of the Internet connection that you are using.
The program can send images captured through a webcam to help with the quick identification of the person that has possession of the computer that you are looking for. Because of this, this can be a very useful application when a PC has been stolen.
Safe4Cam Latitude only needs 60 seconds once it detects an Internet connection on the computer and will go unnoticed and close automatically when it finishes sending the data and images to its website.
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Version for Windows 10 (x86) - SplitCam 10.4.66 download Version for Windows 10 (x64) - SplitCam 10.4.66 download If you want to download an earlier version, look in the archive for Windows Check the SplitCam updates versions for Windows 10 in changelist.

Safe4cam Full Download Full

If you don't have the money to install a security system or you think it's a useless expense, Safe4cam brings you a cheap way to set up your own security camera from your computer. Safe4cam transforms your webcam into a security camera, letting you record the activity happening in front of it at any time.
The program includes a motion sensor so that it turns on when there are changes in front of the lens. To let the user instantly notice the changes, the camera takes JPG screenshots and uploads them automatically to the FTP server.
Additionally, Safe4cam includes an alarm that goes off to advise you of any changes in the area where the webcam is set up and lets you adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection.

Safe4cam full. download free

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