Samsung Note 5 Firmware 8.0

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Overview Android 8.0

Download Samsung Galaxy Note Series Firmware Fast Speed Free. Unlock Network / FRP Lock Samsung LG Online Service. N950W 8.0 N950WVLS5CRL1N950WOYV5CRL1XAC. Samsung Surprises Galaxy S6, Note 5 Owners With New Firmware Update By Tyler Lee, on 15:07 PST Android phones usually get forgotten about in terms of updates after 3 years or so.

Android 8 O – the new operating system from Google that will make your smartphone and tablet to work in new ways. About a number of improvements of the new version, read on.

Why Android O

Samsung Note 5 Firmware 8.0

Operating system from Google is always called in alphabetical order, starting with Android 4 Ice Cream.

New features Android 8 O?

Safe Mode (Safe mode)

Designed for removal: compatible with your device applications, malware and adware applications.

How to go into safe mode on Android

Press the power button and hold for a few seconds will appear “turn off the power”Press and hold the menu item, then confirm boot in safe mode. It’s easy.

The photo how to remove an app from Android 8.0.

Instant silent mode

How quickly pass in silent mode

Press the volume button and click on the icon the slider to the left of the sound. This technique reduces the wear of the volume button and saves you time.

Game in Google browser Chrome

Google knows how to surprise, the company hid in a browser game in the event you lack Internet to arrange a little entertainment. In order to play a hidden game, disconnect the internet and Wi-Fi connection.

Disabling shortcut on the desktop

How to disable the addition of shortcuts on the Android table

Go to the settings in the application Play Market, uncheck the checkbox “add badges”. Now, all installed applications will not create shortcuts on the desktop, only the menu. This feature allows you to not nakapivat unnecessary shortcuts on the desktop.

Flexible traffic control

Samsung Note 5 Firmware 8.0

Go to naystroyki -gt; -gt point data transmission; set a limit Traffic that is not afraid of the extra costs. This feature helps you to control your expenses as mobile Internet expensive.

Remote control Android smartphone

Android 8 allows to remotely lock the device if you lose your smartphone, or you stole it – it’s a great solution.

-gt settings; -gt security; administrators devices including checkbox «Remotely locate this device» and «Remote lock». All smartphone if it is lost, you can remotely lock it, without using third-party applications with a bunch of advertisements.

Video review Android 8.0 O (OREO)

How to get root on Android 8.0 O

Getting root access can be made through the program Rootkhp Pro on a computer with version 1.8 and above.

all who wants to establish a root, I recommend to read our review: possible root access on Android.

Install Android 8.0 firmware

To install the firmware you need to download files from the link below and run the application by selecting it in their model of the mobile device.

URL download:

Samsung Note 5 Firmware 8.0 Download

8.0Samsung galaxy note 5 firmware

Galaxy Note 5 Firmware Download

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Samsung Note 5 Firmware Download 8.0

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