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Only one man can stop a villain who, backed by his father, brutally murders anyone who gets in the way of his unscrupulous real estate deals.

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Aug 13, 2016 - sarainodu (2016) full telugu movie watch online hdrip download free. Sarrainodu Hit or Flop. Sarrainodu is made with a total budget of Rs.50 Cr and against that collected Rs.73.87 on Box Office Collection. Hence Sarrainodu has considered as Hit movie for the year 2016 and received a rating of 6.4/10 on IMDb. Subtitles for sarrainodu/Cinema telugu movie cinema. Are you willing to consider donating? Please click here.

Direksi:Boyapati Srinu, Kurra Rangarao

Download Sarrainodu subtitles. Vairam Danish a cruel person, anyone who comes against his way would be brutally killed. In such a process Ghana (All Arjun) an ex military offices earns the wrath of Vairam Dhanush. Keywords:Sarrainodu full movie download, Sarrainodu free full movie, online stream, Sarrainodu free full movie, Sarrainodu subtitle malay, Sarrainodu moviesubmalay, Sarrainodu malay subtitle, Sarrainodu Malaysub, Sarrainodu torrent, download Sarrainodu, Sarrainodu malay sub movie, subtitle Sarrainodu, Sarrainodu download online, Sarrainodu pencurimovie, Sarrainodu pencuri movie, kollysub.

Pemain:Aadarsh Balakrishna, Aadhi, Allu Arjun, Anjali, Annapurna, Brahmanandam, Catherine Tresa, Devadarshini, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kitty, Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat, Rahul Verma Rajput, Rajiv Kanakala, Rakul Preet Singh, Saikumar, Srikanth Meka, Suman, Surekha Vani, Vidyullekha Raman, Vijayakumar, Vinaya Prasad
take care your family.zakkasso many accidents are happening when we are driving carefully.Your Family members waiting for you at your home,We hope the incident happened in our family will not happen to anyone.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]'JANATHA GARAGE'This is a Family Story who helps other families in difficult situation.Completing post-graduation and working as accountant is looks like to live somehow in this world.Thats why I applied for Civil Services i want to serve people. What about you.?My Brother is working as a Mecanic in my village for my studies,He dedicated his entire life for my study and my sisters marriage till now..My Aim is to open a small garage for my brother in this city.The Habbit of working here from my birth, It's hard for us to settle there.Brother., Once you told me that if we work hard, it will be easy to settle in any place.He convinced his brother and moved his family to Hyderabad and opened a Small Garage.Hi Sir., My name is Bose, He is Saidulu. we are intrested to work here.With Their goodness and hard work they Grew up.Finally, They opened a big (Janatha) Garage with their own money.All products recieved right.? Yes sir. Sir, Shankar and sarpal singh, Engine Specialists.ASP Chandrasekhar,How are you? good!, Brother.. 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His daughter died in road accident.we didn,t know why god is ruthless sometimes, it's not god, people..They Murdered her sir.!They left her on road and saying that it's an accident..!Four members *** and killed his one and only daughter.i also have that doubt., But they are influenced people. they managed it without any proofs.Her parents are thinking about it and they are not able to come out from home.i'm also feeling sad,But i'm confident that definetly one day they will get arrested., it means when.?you tell him., it's not a vehicle repair to repair instantly.Because they are village people so they went to kill them.Who are you.?Do you know, how much a girl parents will panic if she didn't come from college.?They feel scary..!do you know, how it feels if they got to know that she won't come..?Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Those 4 persons are dead.yes,we also heard that it was an accident.!is that you..?They are died in the way how that girl died.If that was an accident, this is too, If She was killed, these people too.Did u understood what you have done.? You came to live here. you are good people brother.!Daring should be added to Goodness.Daring means killing...?It's like getting eyedrops and not able to eat anything by listening to people's difficulties.People who have problems started moving to Janatha Garage.They started solving the problems of all people.Killing is the solution for Money.?That's Rowdyism. Is your's another type.?FullJanatha Garage is for People.I have only one Sister.She came for the purpose of job and started liking yor brother.We are not against their love. We enquired everything before comming here.This is not matching for us.But i don't like to force her.It's better if he comes with us and search a job in Bombay.I won't come by leaving this house.She likes me by seeing how i'm.If you have any problem, you can take her with you.I have decided to live here life long. I won't say your words are wrong.This house will take care of your girl,Trust me.Day by day they become like god for people. and enemy's for some people.Catch it, catch it.Hi, Mukesh Rana, Brother of Sandeep Rana who was killed by you. Bose., Take him inside.He is Cute. Come Sit Down.!He brutly murdered a girl, and you killed him., Balanced.I don't have anger for what you have done.i'm business minded. I don't have time to think about all this. 74 00:11:33:000 --> 00:11:38,000 Me too. i'm a small mechanic. My time is enough for bike repairing.But, Your people interfearing in my issues. It's better if u tell them to stop.If someone complaint us about you then only we'll interfear. it's better for you to stop interfearing in other issues.In Business unknowingly we'll interfear.But people don't know where to go. so they complain us.Namaste Sir, Namaste. Who are you? My name is Sitaram. i'm a School Teacher.I borrowed some money from a person before six months. 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They have doubted this erlier.But they didn't expected this will happen early.You have stop all this for that kid who lost his parents.I don't have a choice to ask excuse, To punish my self i'm giving this kid to you.He'll be with you for lifelong, Because we don't stop what we are doing because of this loss.This may Increase.i'm promising on my kid, we won't give him a chance to touch the shadow of this house.Please don't tell him about his fathers family.I want to see how he is.! we hope he will be happy wherever he is..!Go and play with your Brother-in-law bujji.Bujji don't cut the flowers. how many times i have to tell you.After finishing this only you have to leave. Give it to MOM.Uncle, How my mom and dad was dead.In an accident. How they looks like, I didn't seen in any photos..!No photos., You mother looks like me, and your father looks like you..::PRANAMAM PRANAMAM SONG::Eat Slowly., why that much hurry.! Today is my joining day in feels bad if i go late.Your job is in LB chemicals right.! It's not at all a problem if you dont join in that company also.SubtitlesYou know, How much pollution with that factory.? They are killing the environment.Please., i want to do something. Let me do that..!i'm leaving Mom, Bye..Anand., not like that company, you also try for some job right.? You should start thinking about building a serious careerWell i'm in a serious career uncle, Protecting this Environment.Not like that. i'm talking about a serious job,career,atleast for your life partner,for your kids,You should start thinking yourself atleast now.i'm doing this for all people,it's not for you and me.I mean we're all from same thing,'s for us, for all of us. Ok, See you Uncle.I'll also make a move..How it feels when he is talking to us like that.He is always like that only na. i felt that it's like them only., who.?There are 500 acers slums in this city.They are very ugly and undevoloped. 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No, Still one person has to come.Sorry for the delay.,came by making a small repair..We all know the project proposed by Mukesh sir, Please tell you openions about that.Mukesh sir is very familier to us. It's very useful to people and for his business.Without making any issue we have accept this unanimously. That's my feeling.We have to start this immediately because it's very useful for people.Our party also didn't have any problem if we get colony's in place of slums.Mr.Satyam What will you say about the project proposed by Mr.Mukhesh.Who will oppose if it's helpful for poor people., But a small clarification.!If we vacate the slums and handover the land to you, which is the first priority, Houses or Devoloping your 250 acer land.I need capital to finish this project. Financially it'll be easy for me if i devolope my 250 acers land.Sorry sir, We don't accept it.People live somewhere else by leaving their own places.After Completing your your complexes you may face some problems.If you think that why we need to build these poor people houses between these complexes..?Then they don't know what to do and where to go., atleast they don't have patience to move to courts.Please build Peoples houses with your kind heart first.Impossible., It's impossible for me too. Thanks for asking my openion.It's Better to stop it here.Everyone doesn't have any problem, and you are going to stop this project by listening to mechanic words..If we start this project forcely, People will move to him for Justice. It's better to stop this before some issue happens.The most intresting Hyderabad slums project clearence has been Rejected.Mr.Satyam said no to Hyderabad slums Project. What will you say about this.?Janatha Garage Satyam sir is correct. if he oppose we also oppose the project.We'll follow Satyam sir. Janatha Garage is correct.! Janatha Garage is correct.!5000 crores project.! aftrol they canceled it because of a mechanic.? It's too much Dad.Government also scared to give clearence to the project because of janatha garage.I heard that you are the most successful,Biggest and ruthless businessman in this state.! ButWhy are Scared about him.? But., I'm not.It's True.! I grew up. I grew up with fear from 25 years.You don't think about anyone. don't scare for anyone.Car condition was not good from past 2 days. AC also not working., and check the lights too please.!It'll take 3 days. Date? i've to inform my owner. Come on 14th.Sir, they said they'll give it on 14th. It's good if i tell this to sir once.i'll come on 14th.Sunanda., Neurologist. Did you remembered her.? Oh Yes yes yes.! How are you? Fine thankyou.He is my husband Rajesh. Hi,Nice to meet you.You know my son varun Right.? Varun... Ya That fair looking boy. yes.He worked in accenture for 5 years. Recently he floated his own company. He is doing pretty well.Recently he saw your daughter. He likes her.He is intrested to marry her. Ofcourse we don't have any problem. It's good if we inform it to you.Thanks for asking Sunanda.! But we are Thinking that Anand is correct for Bujji. We also have that Doubt.But we heard that They are fighting every time.It's correct.! But we are waiting to ask them about this after some days. God knows whats gonna Happen.How is Mumbai.? Not Mumbai., It's new for me to coming out of my home.Which course you are going to study here.No course., Nothing.Full Restrictions for me if i was in Hyderabad. Perticularly in Night times.What i've to do.? i have sit like my grandma at my home.And you know the sadest part., Boys were scared to talk to me freely.So what will you do here., I didn't planned any thing. and i don't plan too.I'll do whatever my mind says.I'll be like however i want to be.we have to fire even appartment people stops it. we have to fire non-stop for 2 hrs.Give another one.! yes take it.Some one is watching us. It's diwali right. He is thinking that all Beautifull girls are Outside their houses. 210 00:35:38,000 --> 00:35:43:135 Excuse me., I want to talk to you., it's Telugu.!What, Do you like me.? Nope., Not at all.What.? who are grew up right. don't you know the Meaning of diwali.?It's a festival of lights., Not a festival of pollution and sound.They are kids. you have to educate them. why don't u people educate while we are running campains in TV and news papers.Out.. Out.. Enough of pollution, Move.Nice hair. Ok ok, Continue your work.Who is he.? Watching every person like that.? He is our chairman's son.He is mad about Girls., You have to tell already have a boy friend or married to escape from him.Hello, I didn't seen this telugu girl in our office before.! i joined recently in your officeAre you free now.? Have to mail some drafts. Give it to her., We're giving salary's. hey girl, Finish her work.What is your openion about love.?I want to drink some coffee.!You didn't expressed your feeling about love.!Are you in love.? how i fell in love by staying in Mumbai.? Why? why don't you love in Mumbai.I don't.! if i'm in love, I like to sit in park or beach right.Perticularly I like to sit in AKSA Beach. You can. right... Pollution..!how much pollution you know, there is tanning Industry near to that. if we sit there we'll get cancer.Do we need to face Cancer for love..?Our factory near AKSA Beach was closed by pollution control board. whats Happening.We're giving salary's correctly. why did you do this. 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Open.. open all covers.What happened sir, This gir came here to buy beers. and he is selling them in banned covers. where did u buy them.? in dadar?I've joined a job LB chemical right., One factory got closed By Evening. Yes.,I thought it'll take much time to collect information. But, There is Guy, (kiss) Pyarilal.Hi, Oh hi.. You'll come to places like this also..? Is this Cup ok for you.?Perfect.! It's a paper cup. Can be recyclable. Please Stop it..! Friend..?How it's possible with this type of boring candidate.? Don't you have fun in your life..?What will you do if you want some fun in your life..?You know what., we're actually trying something new tomorrow.If you want you can join.Voleciface 6 O'clock.If you want to come pack your luggage for two days.Rock on bro SongSubtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Rock on bro SOngSubtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Rock on bro SongSubtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Hellow.! You Know what., You have to face that side.By the way., I want to go to out side for a research on university exchange program., where.? Hyderabad..!It's a fast growing city. Its good for my case study about Environmental Saftey.Not now Anand., Grandpa Health was not good. Frequently we've to go for checkups. it's good if you were it..? I think he's good. NO.,Suresh.! i'm worried about his health. OKAY!Brother.! We have to deliver this car. Go for a round and check the condition. OKAY.!Suddenly my got struck with some problem.! Bose.! Check this Bike..What happened madam., it's not starting. Please move a side.Janatha Garage Satyam has met with an accident today. It happened during checkup round of a CAR.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]He is out of danger., But it will take some time for recovery.i'm saying what doctor said to me. Our brother is aged. It's better if we reduce stress on him.You know what type of work he is doing. It's better to stop.i'm not saying this as a police officer., i'm saying this as your well wisher. decision is yours.We planned this after 25 years., But he is safe again Srinu.He is lucky. it's Unluck for us.did any one caught.? No they are safe and sent to UP within 1hr after incident.Anand., Someone came for you. Hello..!We are here to discuss about bandrapad issue. So many Polititions are involved.It's better to witdraw case.what do you want.? Park.! Really polititions involved in this. Everything in my science is small compared to polititions.That MLA doesn't knew about it. atleast you should understand right.!It's a joggers park. 213 trees Supplies more oxygen to Mumbai.Trust me., That MLA is dangerous. He'll Die..I mean.. without oxygen. Tell that MLA about the importance of it. Because That park always belogs to government.Relationship between you and the see is like mother and son.If we catch more fishes it's harmfull to us. we'll discuss about it before you people are going into the sea.MLA Deshpandey's Brother. I'll come with you into the sea tomorrow. we'll discuss there.Why did you come here. Bhai was serious about park issue.I'm talking about Wrath of this don't know how bhai will react if he got anger. We're here to kill you and trow your body into this sea.How to tell you.,I'm talking about wrath of air,sky,earth,water.we'll show how bhai will react. and you show me about the wrath of nature.It's not possible, But i'll show a sample of it. I Promise..! A small Sample..!you herad about earthquake right.! it's a part of Nature. Almost impact is like this only.You know about Tornado Right..!Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]This is another type., Tsunami. waves are little bit high. we'll try with you to see that hight.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]wrath doesn't happen to nature. if it happens it won't stop.It has to stop automatically by doing some damage.I'll explain to my brother how it'll be if we battle with you. Not with me.,With Nature..!Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Satyam Sir., Zindabad.......Sir, Total stae is tensed about what happened to you.How it's happend sir., Sir,is this intentionally done.? Just accident.We found an excellent match for you Bujji.It's my colegue Sunanda's son. he looks good. Good attitude too.It's a surprise that he also like Nature and plants. I'll inform them to come tomorrow if you are free.!Not tomorrow., i'm full busy in my life. with Him.Tell them...I told you that i'll pour water to plants which was planted by you for life long right.!We already discussed that we'll fix in that room for life long by seeing sea.We already discussed that names to our babies.PRAKRUTH if it was a boy, PRAKRUTHI for girl.Tell the that i'm your life..I like Bujji like how much i like that tree.You told that i'm more than that Tree.You are more important than all..'APPLE BEAUTY SONG'*---------------------------------------------* Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks] *---------------------------------------------*'APPLE BEAUTY SONG'Hello, Shekhar sir, I'm calling from anand's college. Recently Anand gave warning to MLA in park issue.and Beaten MLA's people. That MLA lost his Power and he's angry on ANAND. It' better to send him to a safe place.What happend Suresh! who called you.Nothing, Anand's Professor called me because of some issue.Watching it Intrestingly.! Daily you are seeing it right.! Yes, But it's new to me Daily..! Just like you.Our Grandfa is ok now. you are intrested to go for a tour on research right., why don't you go now.? It's not Urget.!You can go now. why don't you leave today or tomorrow.? i'll book the tickets and inform you soon.Whats the problem.? It's not vehicle problem. somethingelse. I want to meet Satyam sir once.He's not meeting anyone. Sir, only once please.!I told you that He's not meeting anyone.We're not doing any activities here.We're only repairing Vehicles here. Only Once sir please.!We're not doing such kind of activities now. Why don't you undertand that. please leave.!Hey,Who is he.? Bro, he came for old vespa spare parts.Yes boss, We don't have that parts. yes, Tell him saidulu. Yes boss,he asked for spares,we said we don't have that.I don't know what doctor said after accident. But your mother and workers tensed about me.They are sending people back who came for help without informing me.I don't say they are wrong. people is important for me.i'm important for them.I think I should slow down by respecting my age.But People leaving from janatha garage without sharing their pain is like death for me.Its time for you to take the responsibilities of JANATHA GARAGE. Which Responsibilities.?Repairing Vehicles or Repairing people.It's not the responsibilities like Political parties or Business organisations.It's more important than that according to me. It's for you., Not for me.It's not my goal to Listen to people's pain and collecting change by reparing vehicles.i've more Dreams..Eat some food.!We met unfortunately so many times in past. This is the first time to meet you plesant.I never dreamed that i'll make a relationship with your family.I'm here to talk about your son and my daughter marriage. What are you talking.?Hey respect him.he is my father-in-law.I'm trying to tell from long time. We love each other. We're ready for marriage. Thanx for coming uncle.It's good if we discuss Remaining matters also..We'll discuss it with our family and inform you. Whats the purpose for you discuss about my marriage.?We love each other, we'll marry if you said no also., Raghava., Mind your words..Padma.! he's also right. they are educated. They are ready to make decissions about their life.Just do what they like.why you are intrested in this match., you dont know how powerfull Janatha Garage is. from now it's in our house.Get in.One quarry work is in progress in hyderabad city limits. and that to in no mining zone.I mean no one took action against them. and that to they vacated two villages for this quarry work. Shocking.You are Environmental students. You should make some sound.We thought about it. but Popular people involved in this. i'm talking about environment.We'll fight if they are normal people. But JANATHA GARAGE people involved in this.JANATHA GARAGE.. Who are they..?People will move to there for help. Good people and so powerful too.But, Now his son is doing all this. so no one is dare to touch it.They are doing wrong! then how they will be good people.Who is here.? yes,Raghava..?Yes. Anand, Environmental Research.Fully damanged.,But you have to stop it. i'm bored by listening these words from my childhood.My place, My wish. But i'm intrested to tell same thing again and again.You know what., we are tenents on this earth. anything is not ours.!We came to live on this earth. we've to give as it is to next generation.It's not correct to do like this. Nope.You came to wrong place. Do u know who i'm. i herad that You're Janatha Garage peoples son.and A business Tycoon's son-in law. is there anything else.They are not stopping it, tell them to stop. or else i'll. i'm not gonna stop it. if you want to stop give it a try.!He wants to stop. finish him. OK.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]You kept him because of Good Body and Muscles.He's also moving. It's better for you if you also make a move.You have to vacate this place withi 2min by making a move of your JCB's and Tippers. OUT...Who is Anand.? He is There..You have to come to Janatha Garage once. Why.? SATYAM sir wants to meet you.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]ANAND. SATYAM, Sit Down..!I didn't called you because of my son's issue. I just want to know why you beaten them..Did you asked your son.? He is doing wrong. when i said it was wrong he tried to do another mistake.thats why i beaten him and told it was wrong.i heard so many things about you,Positively.. But i didn't seen it in your son.JANATHA GARAGE. All things we be repaired here. i like it sir. A small repair is needed for your son.But i believed in you. That's why i came here.I Think you don't know what your son is doing, if i know you're acting like this, i'll repair u and JANATHA GARAGE too.Shall i make a move.? There is another guy like your son. I've to go and tell him what he's doing wrong.I'm leaving with a good openion on you. Because of protecting this tree carefully.You and this tree should be stand like this if we cut the Braches of This tree or your son.Namste sir.! Namaste. Why did you came here. to meet some known's ok sir, i'm going to my class.Anand!Came for Help. We're not able to Withstand when people are sad. But,I heard that you'll take so much care of plants.You're very Kind hearted.I'm aged.People are not coming to me when they are in sad situations. Because They don't want to keep presure on me.My heart is very familier to it. That's why i'm not able to control that feeling.But, It looks like as same as me when i was old after seeing you.I'm confident that you've the capability to run Janatha Garage.i'm Requesting you on behalf of me and my people.Will you be with Janatha Garage and People..?We don't have much time..Janatha Garage is waiting for you.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Get inside..!Hey., My wife and My Sister.Come on.He is my son-in-law. She's my sister Doing Medicine.! and he is checking accounts here..My son and his wife.They were killed by our enemy's.Raghu., My Daughter-in-law. Hello, Hi.. Got to Rush., Bye Honey..It's been a long time when people shared their pain by coming here.We've to do some thing to tell people that Doors are open to share their pain at JANATHA GARAGE.Then we have start from where it has stopped.Who is the first person ent back without sharing his pain from here..?I'm vikas, working in GHMC. we've to supervise permissions for new buildings.i won't give permissions if it is deviated from our rules.Recently some people came to our office about hospital permissions. They didn't maintained saftey measures.I told it was wrong. They forced me. i said i won't if i died also.The merged up with my collegues and thretened my wife recently.i didn't asked u about anything till now. But now we have some problems with your office wife is requesting me to do it for my children.But,It's impossible for me to do that.They are saying that we'll harm your family if i didn't sign that file.Tomorrow is last date., you met me today. what will have if we met you after tomorrow.i won't sign it sir,i'm ready to commit suicide on the way to office with your kids today,i'll come to your home tomorrow. we will go combinely to your office.He is ready to keep sign today., NO, it's not going to be signed.and he's not going to do that. He is ready to's hard to be like him. let him be like that only.i saw one plant while entering. it's very rare type. You are protecting it carefully.we have to protect him like that plant.This is our phone number., call us when you have a problem.don't think that we're far from the city. we'll come within 10 min if we enter on to ring road.Shall we start..?Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]I didn't came to office with this much intrest. we are waiting to start this super hit film.That film name is 'our vikas Autograph' Signature bro..!Mukeshrana Hospital file., total 23 signatures.. make it fast..!i don't know why this many signs needed now a days. Reduce it to one.!This project is completly against our rules. it's impossible for me to sign..hey are you drunk..? The person who made this project was drunked.!i heard that you are stone hearted. don't you have family sentiment.? i'm rejecting this..!how dare you are., my gang is ready kill you, do you want me to call them.?They are here. They won't go without coming here.Wait for 2min. i want to talk to this people. tell them to come in this gap.We'll spend more time in this office than our family. that's the importance of this government office.This is another family Koteswarao sir.if there is a problem for our family members we'll stand by's wrong Radhakrishna sir if we don't do that.Sachin fan..? Yes.i remembered this. if our team is weak. sachin is enough to win the game for us.your office also like that only, people says no one will work correctly here.But don't worry.You also have a sachin.Give him some support and allow him to do his work properly.He'll let you win like INDIA.i think you are going to retire in 1 or 2 yrs..That means you have earned somuch money for your childrens.You children don't show much intrest on money if they are good.They sped your money within few days if they were bad.all you earned is waste., Telling stories to grand son and daughter is our next life.We've to think about once upon there is a king like that. watch him when you are in service only..!You'll find stories like 'Once there was an office., and a good vikas in that office'.At last you may have one doubt, if people like them will come what we have to now.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Strong people has a hobby to threaten week people. BUT FOR A CHANGE.! we've strong persons behind week ones.JANATHA GARAGE.'JAYAHO JANATHA SONG'Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]'JAYAHO JANATHA SONG'Anand..! why did you asked me to meet.? Sit, Thanks..I heard that All activities are stopped in Janatha Garage from past few days.I thout it was good for all.To whome..?But now Janatha got it's position back.People are thiking that Janatha is for people. what is the relationship between you and Janatha Garage.What is the relationship between you and police department.? This is my Job. Mine too.i like that work most.. is deciding what is true and what is flase is your job.?and killing people if anyone says you're the only one.?it's not you are the only one., it's ' There is no one except you'. Then why we are for..?You are young and educated too. Don't you have the common sence to do this..?It's like very fancy and heroic for you when you are doing it.But you don't have right to do all this.!Ok, do onething., Tell people that 'Janatha Garage is wrong, we're here for you'.Turn all people from my side to your side.We're also happy if it happens..if those people standing in front of Janatha Garage and saying we're in problems.. Then we can't stop it sir..I think you took the charge recently, All the very Best sir.How his family accepted all this..? Trace his Background immediately.! ok sir..Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]How are you, Good.! i didn't recognized you becaus eof long gap. My wife.. Hi(Namaste)..Daughter..? Yes, Hi.. Hi.. Come on., Get in.My wife. Padma.How is he..?Like promised him that you wont force him to touch the shadow of this house. But he looped back to you again.He's doing the same thing what they are scared of..i'm promising on Janatha Garage which is half part of me.I don't even tried to see or talk to him from this many years.We didn't know about him till now when you told me about him.No one will stop you if you want to take him with you.We booked return flight @ 5 O'clock for you too.There may be Traffic, It's better to start this my fathers family..?This is your father's family,not yours.. Start as soon as possible ANAND.I'm happy when i don't have my mother and father because i thought god gave me a good family like you.But God made me to loose another good family till now.How can i leave them.? Stop it ANAND. Just stop it.We fixed engagement for you and bujji.You have a beautiful future out there.Please start immediately by packing your luggage.She will be happy here after getting marriage. she won't be alive if she was here.I lost my sister by sending her to live here.i don't want to send my daughter here please ANAND., come with us.I want her uncle, ANd i want this house too. It's impossible.Don't tell me that you want both.God won't give 2 choices in one life. Janatha Garage or Bujji., Just one straight ans..i'm answerable to only your father in this world.It's not for my mom or dad. and not for this family.i won't do the things which makes him feel sad.Today they are asking me to decide you or This one..It's hard for me without you. But it's imposible for me to live without this.i'm asking you to forget me for happiness of Uncle..I want Happiness on his face. i'm ready to loose our love for his happiness.i'll leave my best here.I'm mad about what you will you do from our childhood.. everything.. At last this one too.But it'll give some pain too.But this is more painful.much more painfull.I didn't think about my mother till now. I miss you.Are you mad..? what will you do here by loosing you love and happy life there.? what's here?Uncle., It's time for your flight.Break up SOng(Ne Selavadigi)..Thanks uncle. i know i got this deal because of you. me and Riya coming to dinner this evening. see you.Your Dad saw you Last night how you came home. They felt very sad.I think you're going out at nights.Our parents live here. it's better if you come normally.Atleast, she has to be.Whats's your problem.? My house,my wish. What happend Raghu.?Nothing Just.. No,he has problem because of we're going to party's.We're not Normal.? What do you mean. we aren't looking like people.?i'm saying 'It's better if we're carefull in front of our parents.'That means we are making noise by drinking..? i'm saying to stop coming to home by drunk. How dare you say that.!If you think that your argument will by slaping people then i can make more noise.'NO MORE PARTYS..!'He's leving from home., He's ready to leave from home from past few days.Anand.! Someone came for you.Grage also became Environmental friendly. Nice.. why are you here.. Any problem for your bike.?Some other problem. People say that move to JANATHA GARAGE if we've some problem.I've one problem., It'll be solved if you come with me.will you..?i've review meeting in 1hr. i thought i'm only duty bounded. But you too. It's necessary for us sir.Political pressure is heavy there. so they transfered me here. It's common for us right..!she went outside. i called her she's coming.we already informed right. what's more important than this to her.They informed me so sudden that you are coming.That's why i've decided to show my inner feeling than saying i'm here with him.This is ANAND. We've seen each both, When and where you met.? here in Hyderabad..There in Mumbai.what..?What Hyderabad.? Mumbai right..! Did you forgot.!They discussed about marriage with her daughter-in-law when they are in mumbai. Is it..?How did you know..? we got into contact after her.This much fast., i don't accept it..I like him verymuch. but i'm mad about you. true sir..You'll get another doubts after marriage if you marry her.They are looking good and likes each other. it's better to arrange marriage for them.This is started just now right.! it's better to travel with him some more days..she already arranged someone. what's the discussion here. I think sir will convince. Come..!i Want to talk with you. I left my Garage work and came here. i'll come someother day.why you didn't tell this earlier. tried hard to manage. If you want we can make this happen in our life.Recently i vacated two villages for 2000cr mine project.he stopped that too.he's a kid. i'll handle him.Time moved very fastly.. 25 years.same place. Nothing changed.. People too.They can't understand because they are old people.But you're this generation man. You have dreams like me to live life king size.Ask any thing.. How much Big it is..i'll ask small thing only.Don't make worng things.i'm a Business man. I've somany goals. i'll move out of the way to achive them.Small people will suffer some times.i heard that you are Environmental science student. i'll tell you in the way you can understand.Tiger will eat small animals to live in the Jungle. That's Nature.We can't change it. i'm like Tiger. If i want to live small people will die.Yes, Tiger will kill small animals to live.But, In my story i'm the TIGER and small animals are...It's better to be carefull now. Garage rules also changed.we moved to people if they were in problems, But now we're moving intsantly to solve their have to be more carefull.My uncle met with an accident long ago. But no one came to collect the car which was given to repair.I've doubt on every one that they did intentionally. i've doubt on you it's better to hide from my eye sight.Ya, Tell me Mukesh Sir,i told you so many times to soly Janatha Garage issue. i'm giving more funds to your party.It's very problematic for me.And another guy came recently. he's not leaving our people and distrubing my Business.I also heard that he is more dangerous than Satyam.Listen to me, Don't go that side. if we lose business we can do something else.It's better to not to lose our life.Every one wants him. No one in this state and no political party against's not good to see you like this because of this GARAGE.i'm feeling guilty to hear that this problem is because of my family.I want to do something for you, Shall we remove JANATHA GARAGE..?It's impossible Raghava. i'm trying this from many years.Correct. It's not easy for you. But it's easy for Government.Youtubehe's like a golden duck who gives crores to polititions.what's the use with him when he is in CM chair.Elections are getting closer.He is Ex-CM. if you made me CM, The very next minute of swearing in ceromony,within 1hr not only his Garage and also move scrap of his garage to Hussain's not a favour. you are important for each and every person.Government should be fallen by making some issues srinu. it won't be missed how much cruel it is.It's better to plan Blasts if you want to happen it fast.So many people will die.Government won't get stable with that issue.Apply break once.. Bike repair. How are you.? minute give me that bikealready got married. one son also. Husband died recently. we get involved with him too.Yes, But she'll be happy if she gets loved by a person.But what people will think about it..?They are always like that only. Please know about what she is thinking.He is good Brother. He'll be with us for life long.It's good if you come to our house once.At last bose is getting ready for marriage. i can't believe this.Hi bro. Bose i heard that you're going to get married soon. Yes.. Shadi Mubarak saab.hi bro. bose i also heard that you are going to ger married soon. Yes, Then we have to enjoy alot. Hey where is our gold.'PAKKA LOCAL SONG'Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Till now 64 people died in Bomb blasts in hyderabad.Bomb Squad checking is going on. Police aredoubting that it's terrorist attack.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]So many kids,mothers and people died, what they have this not enough for you..? when this govt will wakeup.? how many we have to lose our people.?We'll go to school eat fast. BOSE, i'm here to take care of him.i'll send him school. you go and take care of your work.What is this..? i'm fine. he is there for me.satpal.. vehicles are ready for delivery. come..those two footages... officers,Any clues..? No sir..!Khan., Trace out them who they are. Yes sir.Here is Train.Give it to me. was it good..?come out once.We found it in Dundigal Railway station.we got report that it was suicide in our primary investigation.No sir, It's wrong to conclude that it was terrorist act.It's completly different way of attack. the wepons used in this attack was strange.They are local.i kept an eye on people new to this city.This is the attack which was planned here.There is some conspiracy. I suspect there may be more serial blasts.An early strong investigation is needed. we've to stop what are going to happen.It's not good to take decissions in anger Mr.Chandrasekhar.Listen to me sir, stop it. Doubting like regular police is not good in this type of sensitive cases.Public will get paniced if we relese this news without proofs. Sir please sir, Trust me sir.MR.Chandrasekhar it's not good to take personal openions in this type of situations. We may get problem's from Govt.Just leave that here. This is an order.It's hard to belive that Bose was dead. i didn't understood why he did like that.I'm fighting from 25 years to do this type of things. i'm wrong.Uncle and I've fixed a match for you, I thought police uniform is enough to serve people.One kind heart for responding people's eye drops is enough.i'm afriad because something may happen to you.But, i didn't noticed that it was you Weapon and dream.So many people lost their lives in recent blasts. i suspect a big crosperacy behind this.Threats and pressure on me to stop investigation. they are ready to kill me if i won't stop it.I don't care what will happen. But blast may happen again. i'm fearing about how many people die if it happens.So many people come's to Janatha Garage for help. This police lost and came for help to JANATHA's not wrong if JANATHA GARAGE lost and stand infront of you for help.But if you do so, Public and goodness is lost.They won't go any where. Till now we are support for your department.But if this courage was scared., No one will live who was the reason behaind it.We kept serveillance on people who are new to city.but they are the one who didn't traced yet.We didn't find where they are till now.Little more zoom in..!We can't do more than this sir, Come on try..Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]Tell me Seena(name).All people who involved in bomb blasts are dead. Janatha Garage people did this.Luckyly the don't know about us. But it's better to be carefull.Janatha Garage people killed people who came fro UP.The didn't know about us.But i'm scared that they will come in anytime.It's better to move from here.See see,like this...Bose didn't committed suicide. he was murdered.Who.? Raghava(your son). Which raghava.? Our Raghava.!Finished every one who involved in bomb blasts.I found Bose's Jepp when i'm coming out from there..I doubted on bose and checked his call list. and found who he talked last time.I found that it was a lorry driver. and i went to meet him.Where 6688 Lorry Driver..? He's there sir.What happend to Bose..? i came from Nagpur and stopped my lorry to wash at one place.I found Satyam sir's son and he was very panicked. i doubted and followed him.Bose ., i'm 6688 Layland Suresh. Ya tell me..I want talk to you urgently. where are you..? In GARAGE..I stopped at on place to wash my lorry. i saw Raghava here with someone. i doubted him and followed .Don't tell this to anyone.. where is that place.Next Blast should be strong and effective. we'll make it after 10 days gap.Rey who are you. tell me. Hey leave him.Chinna what is this. come lets go. why did you came here..?Satyam sir don't know about this. don't let him know. come on. we'll leave from here.What will happen if he know about this. i'll kill him.

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It' wrong chinna. wrong.Chinna. listen to me. we'll go from here.check he's dead or alive and throw him on the railway track.What you're going to do now.? i want kill him..Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]i wanted to go directly. But i thought it was good if i informed to you first.What are you talking about..? My own son.. will you kill him.Once call him and talk to him.If you want you can beat him. our son. he can listen to us if we make him understand.I'll tell him each and every time if he listen to me.He killed who he used to play with in his childhood, now he won't listen about me and you.He's my one and only son. do you want me to lose him.We don't need to tell him about losing to him.He lost his parents, and Gaurdian (uncle) and loved's not correct to talk to him about losing. he is our only son, i'm here for you..You are there for me and i'm always there for you.He grown up with us. we'll try to convince him.

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It's too late, power may not come. Go and sleep as soon as possible.He's your only son. think about him with free mind. we can convince him.i'll be stand like this if you cut the unstructured branches of trees or son's.we're here to kill only 3 people. it's your wish if you want to increse the count.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks]We will sit and discuss once.We're all family members. we'll discuss once ANAND.People who died was not belongs to us. and aftrol one mechanic was killed.Do you want me to kill anyone..?

Sarrainodu Full Movie With English Subtitles

Please ANAND., i'm your brother. please leave me.

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Please leave me., you are the only one who played with me in my childhood.I'm like your son. please leave me.Dad, please tell them to leave me. i'm your one and only son.Dad please.. please excuse me this time. please.JANATHA GARAGE won't leave anyone. if he's my son too.ANAND..! today is festival. there is another family who is not celebrating this festival.

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I told everyone to stop crackers. dipavali means festival of lights right..

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JANATHA GARAGE All repairs will be done here.Subtitled by [Hasan MRp @ Alpha13 MediaWorks] Thanks for Watching...