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Snow Scout
Model TS 7880, Photo by Ed T.
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Replica Imperial Scout Trooper. The first and only replica made from studio made armour, another first brought to you by RS. Plastic gauge: 2mm Hair cell (as per original moulding) Plastic options: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) the original material, it holds paint well and is strong and flexible. Actual weight: 5 kg. Celebrate your love of Star Wars with this Scout Trooper Collectors Helmet for Adults! Perfect for comic book conventions or Star Wars cosplay, this high-quality full head helmet gives you an awesome replica of one of the most beloved new looks in this epic series! Made of comfortable and durable materials for a great fit time after time!

Description: Snow Scout
Prefix: TS
Detachment:Blizzard Force
Context: Star Wars.

When deployed to frozen, hostile environments, Scouts are equipped with a hybrid of cold weather armor. This armor combines the survival gear of the Snowtrooper with the needed equipment to carry out the scouting mission.

For 501st membership only the requirements in black need to be met.

This Visual Guide has been reviewed by the detachment staff and the LMO team and is certified for use as a minimum approval guideline for GMLs. GMLs are free to approve this costume type.

  • This document is not intended to be a detailed how-to on costume construction; rather a visual guide to be used for 501st costume approval. Details on construction may be found on the respective costume detachment web forum.
  • GMLs uncertain about an aspect of submitted costume shall post questions in the appropriate DL/GML peer review section of the Legion forum.
  • Measurements given in this document are intended to be approximate and generalized; not criteria for approval.
  • Requirements for all 501st costumes are proportional to the wearer in scale, fit and size.
  • Text descriptions are only one part of the guideline. GML's and costumers must consider both text and pictures (CRL and Reference) when reviewing the costume.
Required Costume Components

The following costume components are present and appear as described below.



-Weathering is optional. If weathering is used, it should be consistent across the costume. No piece should stand out from the others with respect to weathering.

-Armor should be gloss or semi-gloss white. The finish must be consistent across the entire costume.

  • ROTJ Scout Trooper Style helmet
  • Lens is black in color and obscures wearer’s eyes
  • Snout greeblie is painted grey and aerator portion is painted black
  • Inner edge of snout recess is painted black
  • Licensed helmets are acceptable with modifications-
    • Remove manufacturer logos
    • Replace stock lens
    • Replace inaccurate fish hook symbol with correct square shaped symbol
    • Replace stock bolts and with correct flat bolt head, or real 3M bolt, painted either grey or white
  • Fan-made helmets are acceptable as long as they remain true to shape of original screen accurate helmet

  • White balaclava worn under the helmet
    • The balaclava is a white head sock/hood that is worn under the helmet and is used primarily to hide any view of the wearer's skin and/or facial hair

Flight Suit
  • Flight suit is of the same design as the ROTJ Biker Scout, the differences only being the colors
  • The under-suit is a one or two-piece white textile suit, such as military flight-suits, motorcycle racing suits, industrial work clothing (Dickies) or similar suit modified appropriately
  • Suit includes a off-white (oatmeal) suede or faux suede rear flap
    • Flap is rectangle in shape
    • Attachment point is above the waist and hidden by the cummerbund
    • The flap is slightly narrower than the width of the trooper and stops slightly higher than the bottom of the troopers behind
  • Off-white (oatmeal) suede or faux suede thigh patches are present
    • Patches extend over the crotch of the flight suit and down the front, finishing above the knee armor
    • The thigh patches are secured by 50mm (2') white elastic, sewn in under the front and back of the thigh patch
  • Flight suit does not have any visible labels, logos or zippers (including built in flight suit pockets)

  • Vest is of the same design as the ROTJ Biker Scout, the differences only being the color
  • Vest is constructed from matte white, heavy weight cotton fabric
  • Sleeves are padded and contain ribbing similar to the front of the cummerbund. The sleeves extend farther than the bottom edge of the shoulder armor, but end above the elbow
  • Vest has a much wider neck opening than the flight suit
  • Secured at the back using white, 50mm (2') hook and loop fastener

  • Cummerbund is constructed from matte white, heavy weight cotton or nylon fabric
  • Closes in back using white, 50mm (2') hook and loop fastener
  • Cummerbund starts just under the chest armor and extends down to the waist
  • There is no gap between the belt and cummerbund
  • Cummerbund has a lower tapered cod area with inverted curve stitched detail
    • This section is made from the same heavy weight cotton or nylon material
    • This tapered section sits between the legs and connects to the back of the cummerbund by a 50mm (2') white elastic strap
  • Cummerbund has 6 or 7 vertical stitch lines producing 5 or 6 raised ribs of equal width
    • Ribs are stitched into the front and center of the cummerbund

Shoulder Armor
  • Shoulders match visual reference
    • See the Snowtrooper Shoulder Armor detail page for more information
  • Shoulders have (7) trapezoid shaped box details along the bottom
  • Rim is raised the entirety of the shoulder bell, merging into a rounded detail mid-way on both sides
  • Shoulders are attached directly to the vest via personal discretion. No visible attachment method is present unless it is sewn
    • OPTIONAL: The armor is (or appears to be) sewn onto the vest, via three spaced areas along the upper edge

Forearm Armor
  • Made of plastic or fiberglass, each forearm is different in details
    • See the Snowtrooper Forearm Armor detail page for more information
  • Placement is not consistent; they are interchangeable
  • Forearms have an unadorned/smooth curved cuff
    • Made of matching material as the main body
    • Not a soft cloth material
  • Wrist cuff appears attached to forearm with no visible spatial gaps. Appearance of overlapping plastic is acceptable
    • It is attached to the outsides of the main forearm, not the inside
  • The addition of a strap to further secure the forearm piece is allowed, but is not screen accurate with regards to the ESB Snowtrooper. If a strap is added, it should be white in color, and the smallest width of elastic possible
    • Optional: Split cuff is allowed per film reference, in that the wearer's INSIDE cuff is NOT visibly attached to the forearm and the wearer's OUTSIDE cuff is visibly attached to the forearm

Gloves and Hand Plates
  • White/off-white (ivory) gloves. Gardening gloves are movie accurate such as Wells Lamont or similar design of glove
  • Gloves have elastic wrist/cuff
    • No buttons or snaps
    • Cuff excess is tucked into the forearm/sleeve
  • Hand plates are mirrored design (both are different for each hand)
    • Hand plates are in the same style as ESB TK hand plates
  • The armor is (or appears to be) sewn onto the gloves, with stitching on four corners of the hand plates

Chest Armor
  • Chest Armor matches visual references
    • See the Snowtrooper Chest Armor detail page for more information
  • Accurate shape/design to front of chest
  • Outer rim has a continuous trim edge
    • As well as a raised trim on the recessed box, and a raised trim on the recessed box
  • Shoulder straps are Stormtrooper style and secured to the chest armor by one Chicago screw/Binding Post on the front, centered onto the first raised rectangular 'step' detail
  • Rear of shoulder strap has same detail, securing to the back armor in the same fashion
  • The front recessed box includes several detail pieces
    • One T-shaped slider knob greeblie is silver and matches the provided image
    • Left of the slider knob is a silver/metal plate
    • Two squares below metal plate detail are matching grey color
    • Rectangular black detail added on left portion of metal plate
    • Two thin-lined boxes that sit over one another on right side
    • Right of the slider knob is light grey
  • Right-hand side of chest has an elongated rectangular strip of metal with each end split-riveted (alternative are saddler's rivets) to the chest armor.

Rivets are in-line/centered on either end above the LED covers

  • Metal strip has (3) red rectangular LED light covers/caps, evenly spaced and retains light diffusing plastic insert
  • Left-hand side of chest has two oblong shaped details which protrude outwards
    • They are offset and staggered from one another, one being more forward. The forward most center is a light grey
    • The rear oblong face is dark red
    • Outside of the rear oblong is light grey
    • A clear separation between the red and grey is distinguishable
  • Light grey box detail painted on the lower-right hand corner of chest armor
  • Mid-chest/Rib strapping to backplate
    • made of nylon or poly webbing with no distinguishable stitching at least 30mm wide. Elastic is Authorized
    • No noticeable stitching is present
    • Strapping from backplate is connected to chest armor via a metal wire-like, squared off 'U'-shaped fixture. Fixture is secured via two rivets (Split or saddlers OR any flat-cap style), one over the other, and is attached to the inside of chest armor, protruding outwards
    • Hardware is silver or a rusted brown
  • Recommended paints: Humbrol #5 Dark AD Grey, Humbrol #21 Gloss Black and Humbrol #19 Bright Red

Back Armor
  • ROTJ Scout Trooper style back armor
  • Gloss or semi-gloss white
  • The back plate has a tank attached
  • The top of the tank is flat with a detail piece painted black
    • Detail piece includes the same greeblies as that of the standard Scout Trooper, including white painted circle and red line detail
  • Tank has a black stripe detail on surface
  • Tank may have additional 'rank indicators' present on the right side
    • These indicators can number anywhere from 0 to 6 stripes

  • Gloss or semi-gloss white
  • The front section and two 'boxes' of the belt are made out of plastic
  • The rest of the belt, which fastens at the back of the waist, is made from a textile material
    • 2' nylon webbing is preferable
  • Hanging from the sides of the belt are hip pouches
  • Pouches are made from white or off-white material (same as the standard Scout cummerbund pouches)
  • Pouches are connected to the belt by textile straps, with a buckle in the center of the strap
    • Buckles are parachute-style and are in proportion with straps
    • White buckles (or buckles covered in white material) are highly encouraged
    • Black buckles are acceptable


  • The plastic sections of the belt are constructed from a single piece or have the appearance of being a single piece and is attached to a nylon 50mm (2') webbing belt
  • Belt is secured with a single rivet on each end
  • Closure is secured at the rear with hook and loop fastener

  • Consist of a gray cylinder 2 to 2.5' in diameter with indented white end caps and a white control panel, with details closest to the right-side end cap when worn
  • Detonator is centered on the back of belt and is secured by two metal clips when worn
    • Clips are secured to the detonator by 2 flat head or dome head metal screws painted black (two per clip)
    • Clips are positioned with little or no gap between the clips and end caps

Knee Armor
  • ROTJ Scout Trooper style knee armor
  • White elastic is used to secure the armor around the leg


  • Each knee piece is secured with two white elastic straps
    • One, 25mm (1') piece which passes through the lower section
    • One, 12mm (1/2') piece which is riveted to each side of the upper section

Scout Trooper Helmet Template Clip Art

  • Canadian Mukluk boots with or without the liner
    • NOTE: Mukluks sizes are larger than standard sizes. Recommended to get at least 2-3 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size
  • Three- 1'- 1 1/4' wide straps, made from either nylon, cotton webbing or poly webbing material, are added to the upper portion of the boots
  • Straps are held in place with a brass/silver Chicago screw/Binding Post along the rear-center 'spine' of the boot. (one per strap)
    • Minimal stitching is authorized if white velcro sewn onto strap. However, this stitching appears as a thin rectangular box with no cross stitching; appears as just an outline
    • White thread is used for this stitching
  • Orientation of overlapping strap is interchangeable; acceptable to have them both pointing the same direction (to the left or to the right)
    • Optional: If you wish to retain the D-rings, laces must be present

Optional Accessories

Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below. If adding in an accessory after initial approval, the item still needs to be submitted to local GML for approval before use.

Neck Seal
  • Made from white or off-white cotton fabric, matching color of vest
  • Horizontal rows, evenly spaced
  • Closure is secured vertically down center of backside with hook and loop fastener
  • Any excess material, on bottom of neck seal, is tucked into the flight suit

Hold-out Blaster
  • Flat or semi-gloss black
  • Blaster does not have any visible trigger, labels or logos
  • Blaster may be lightly weathered


  • The scope has lens discs cut into the scope for a more realistic appearance
  • No decals representing cross hairs or similar

E-11 Blaster (ESB Promo/Stunt)
  • Based on a real or replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster
  • Folding stock (does not need to function)
  • No ammo counter shall be present
  • Correct style scope
  • No power cylinders on the magazine housing
  • Scratch-built or cast blasters shall have a total of 6 T-tracks on blaster (leaving the lowest row on the magazine housing side uncovered)
  • If using the Hasbro E11 toy blaster, it is modified to have the correct number of T-tracks (6 total), with a lower row of open vent holes on the magazine housing side
  • This is accomplished by covering the pre-existing rows of holes with T-tracks, then grinding off the lower integrated T-track on the magazine housing side, and drilling a new row of holes in its place
  • Two greeblies on the left rear area
  • Three studs on the right rear area
  • Add two scope block greeblies
  • Remove front bayonet muzzle disk
  • Remove magazine housing parts
  • Remove D-Ring mount
  • Swoosh trim on right side above the pistol grip

DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle

Manufactured by BlasTech Industries, the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle is much more powerful with a much greater range than the E-11 blaster. Because of its powerful, long range capabilities, this rifle is commonly used on Imperial controlled planets with large, clear, open areas

  • Based on a real or replica MG-34 machine gun

DLT-20a Blaster Rifle

The BlasTech DLT-20A blaster rifle was a long-barreled rifle (sometimes referred to as a 'longblaster') with a top-mounted rangefinder and electronic sight. It had automatic and semiautomatic settings and a rate of fire very close to that of the DC-15A blaster rifle and other longblasters. This was one of the few blaster models produced with a magnatomic adhesion grip, keeping the weapon firmly in the wielder's grip and making him or her more difficult to disarm. With additional collimating rings and longer conduits of galven circuitry, these rifles have improved consistency in their shots

  • Based on a real or replica STG-44 machine gun, with parts from the Browning M1919
    • Real or prop scope
    • Flat or semi-gloss black
    • Blaster is lightly weathered

Scout Trooper Helmet Template

Scout Trooper Helmet Template Download

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