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Car Functions
Car Streamed Grabber
Car Map (All) Grabber
Car Trailer Grabber
Car Shooter
Car Shooter Once
Fus Ro Dah
Pick Vehicle
Door Storm (with settings)
Vehicle Bugger
Vehicle Manager
Invert Drive
Rotation Drive
Backward Drive
Crazy Drive
Vehicle X Roter
Car Break Dance
Drive by Mouse
Blink Colors (with settings)
Pulse Disk (with settings)
Enable Vehicle Nitro (lalt for speed)
Car Follow Target Player
Invisible/Bugger Bike
Invisible/Bugger Bike v2
Fix Invisible Fire
Fantozzi’s Cloud
Fake Car Shooter
Elevator from Vehicle
Elevator Down from Vehicle
Kick Passenger <target>
Steal Passenger <target>
Vortex Crasher
Plane Crasher
Normal Sync
Secondary Sync
Normal Sync + RPC
Use Friends on Target

–Player Functions–

  1. Download here, or from UGBASE. Mod sobeit OverLight v3 released. Posted By RcK on Aug 1, 2017. Today I release a new version v3 of mod sobeit OverLight with the source code included, maybe it will be useful for some developer. This does not mean that the project will be abandoned, but this will still be updated later.
  2. Download Sobeit v4.2.3.1 for SA-MP 0.3c for GTA San Andreas and other files from the category Various for GTA San Andreas. Mobile version of the website Complete version of the website.
  3. Mod sobeit 0.3.7 download mod sobeit 0.3.7 working hack for samp mod sobeit 0.3.7 free download mod s0beit 0.3.7 freeze How does It work. Simple: Press Insert To activate God mod Press. To fly mode To change speed of fly press F11 To restore health go to Cheats and find restor health and armor.
Sobeit Download

Enable Player Fly
-Fly Animations-
Fly Boss
Swim Fly
Bike Fly
Bed Fly
Custom Player Fly Speed
Head Walk
Backward Walk
Rotation Walk
Crazy Walk
Crazy Roter
Crazy Roter Speed
Freeze Players
Player X Roter
Ghost Mode
Vehicle Hologram
Component Flood
Component Flood Delay
Vehicle Escape
Vehicle Escape Detection
Pizdarvanka Vehicle
Pizdarvanka Vehicle Speed
Car Rammer
Car Rammer Switch
Car Rammer Speed
Target Stick
Target Info Say
Teleport Checkpoint
Speed Up Anims
Player Surfer
Player Surfer Speed
Vehicle Surfer
Vehicle Surfer Speed
Vehicle Surf Mode Switch
No Fall
Kill Target Once
Kill Target NonStop
Kill All
Kill Type Set
Rapid Fire (with settings)
Invalid Aim Z
Invisible Assasin
Invisible Underground
Invisible Underground Pos Set
Smart Invisible
Player Escape
Player Escape Health Set
Teleport to Target
Fake Afk
SlowMotion On Key
Default Surf
Health Pulsator
Armor Pulsator
Weapons Pulsator
Pizdarvanka Player
Pizdarvanka Speed Set
Fuck Troll Target
Fuck Troll Anims Set
Player Rammer
Player Rammer Speed
Player Rammer Switch Mode
Target Slapper
Skin Elevator
Skin Elevator With Jetpack

OverLights Players Tags (with settings)
Default Player Tags (with settings)
Vehicles Tags
Youtube Mode
Rainbow Skin
Rainbow Skin Speed
Rainbow Car
Rainbow Car Speed
Rainbow Car Lights
Rainbow Car Lights Speed
Rainbow Chat
Rainbow Chat Speed
Rainbow Chat Mode Switch
Rainbow Hud
Rainbow Hud Speed
Rainbow Radar
Rainbow Radar Speed
Rainbow Nicknames
Rainbow Nicknames Speed
Rainbow KIll List
Rainbow Kill List Speed
Rainbow Crosshair
Rainbow Crosshair Speed
Custom Color Set

Terrorist Tracers
Police Tracers
Security Tracers
President Tracers
World Collision
Server Info (with settings)
Server Ip Say
Player Info (with settings)
Target Show Info (with settings)
Clear Chat
Patch Disable Samp Nametags
Cars Doors Status
Players Tracers
Players Box
Players Bones
ESP Triangle
ESP Target
3D Informer (with settings)
Damage Informer
Skin info
Vehicle Tracers
Vehicles Info (with settings)
Vehicles Info Mode Switch
Police Detector
Show Friends & Admins
Show Friends & Admins Set
Admin&Friends Tracers
Admin&Friends Tracers Set
Weapons Info
Hit Point
Hit Point Size
Target Tracer
Fast Settings
PUBG Cheats
Raknet Logger
–Chams Addon–
Players Through Walls
Black Chams
Chams Style Set
Custom OverLight Chams
Teleport to object
Object Finder
Teleport to pickup
Pickup Finder
–Spam Options–
Spam Target
Spam Target Text Set
Spam Target Info
Also options to set spam speed

DeathMatch Stuff

Silent Aim
Silent Aim Advanced Options
Randomize offset aim
–Aim only to–
Not Friends
Not In My Team
Not Same My Nick Color
Not Same My Skin
Not Out Of Range
Visible Skin
Not Dead
Shoot Through Wall
Possible Bypass Anti Cheat
Possible Bypass Anti Cheat 2
Auto C Bug
Auto Scroll 2-2
Sawn-off Auto Scroll
Auto Scroll Custom
Customize Auto Scroll
Free Cam
Auto Shot
No Spread
No Spread v2
Fast Deagle (with settings)
Anti Stun
Slow Aiming
Fake Lag
Sync When Aim
Fake Lag / Fake Speed
Shot Repeater
Draw Finder

Bot Stuff
-same as in OL V3

Client Stuff

Remote RCON Attack
Server Lag
Messages Limit
Change Serial GPCI
Join Flood
Fake FPS (with settings)
Anti Loading
–Usefull nops–
Anti Push
Pause Chat
Audio Stream
Vehicle Speed
Bypass Interior
Set Engine State

— same as in OL V3

–Mod Settings–
Enable OverLight Hud
OverLight Scoreboard
Show OverLight Scoreboard
Enable Funcs. Keys
Raknet Logger Cursor
Open specials on keys (such as fast settings. raknet etc..)
Show Demo Window (show imgui demo window)
Show Time & Date
Show server name (for server info)
Use Players Colors (for esp target)
Use Custom Hud Draw
Custom Hud Draw Set
Show Suggestions
–Chat Options–
Remove Chat Background
Send Nickname
Send Current Server
–Anti Crashers/Troll–
Anti Car Controll/Troll
Anti Bullet Crasher
Anti Bad Vehicles

–OverLight Commands–

/.takepic (for example /.takepic blasthack.jpeg) saves in your gta sa directory
/.rs (respawn)

Sobeit download 0.3.7Read More//
GTA San Andreas
File uploaded by:Jeka_Osokin
Well, Che explain here Sobeyt from my opinion of the site!
+ Added 8 patches (are at the end of the list)
Frozen game (as a pause)
All traffic lights are green
Pink auto
Flying boats
Chaos (riot mode)
Aggressive drivers
All people are armed
Recruitment of pedals with rockets (Recruit Anyone (Rockets))
+ Translated all patches
As always write 'many bugs removed'
Comment! If you ask, I'll try to add another thread!

GTA San Andreas → Multiplayer

Sobeit Download

s0beit team
')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>s0beit team
1.01 Mb

GTA Duster City beta 0.1

Modification, replacing San Andreas on a new city. In this version, the city is not so big, but the project is in development. The city is modeled in the style of GTA 3 / VC Rate what is already ready =)

GTA Province beta 0.1.5

GTA Province is a global Russian mod (project), developed by GTA San Andreas team JS TEAM. GTA Province is a project that, according to the developers, decided to move away from the primitive standard storylines (kill, take, catch up, etc.), whic...

GTA San Andreas. Beta. V. 1.0

Sobeit Download 0.3.7

Hello. This is my first fashion GTA San Andreas. Beta. This modification returns to the game what was in the beta version. You are waiting for: New cars, pedestrians, many new scripts, graphics from the beta version ... It's still a beta version of m...

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