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There are a few ways to remove spyware from your computer. These instructions are intended for windows 2000 and XP and broadband internet users. They require a blank CD and some downloading. They've been tried and tested by an IT professional, and all programs are free. AVG antivirus gives you essential protection for your Windows XP PC, stopping viruses, spyware and other malware. It's also compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, so when you're ready to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, your AVG antivirus will continue working. How to install AVG Antivirus on Windows XP.

Malware is of various types. Keylogger is one type of malware. Like most malware, it is often bundled with other usually free software and makes its way to our computers when we download that free software. After installing itself, the keylogger – also known as keylogger trojan since it disguises itself within the legitimate software – starts recording every single keystroke users make on their keyboards, including the sensitive information like banking credentials, crucial passwords, and other such information.

Hence it is best to employ Windows XP Free Antivirus to remove the keyloggers from Windows XP OS PC and devices. This can be determined by the features offered by them.

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The Purpose Of Keyloggers

Keylogger basically keeps track or monitors all the keys present in your keyboard and stores that information locally in your computer. This is also known as logging in computing terms. Later, hackers gain access to these logs over the internet, unpack these logs to retrieve the keylogged information. That's it! Your crucial information is in the hands of the hacking community!

Keyloggers record anything they are programmed to monitor. This means anything typed anywhere using your keyboard – be it on an offline Microsoft Word or on an online website like your bank or social media account. Some keyloggers activate themselves only after a specific action is executed – like, for example, opening your web browser and accessing a specific website. Others start operating once they are installed.

When Do Keyloggers Infect Your PC(s)?

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When your antivirus is outdated or turned off. Even worse, when your PC does not have one installed. Outdated antivirus is as good as having no antivirus installed as today's sophisticated keylogger programs have the ability to pass right through such outdated security systems and infect your machine in no time.

Exercising caution while downloading can prevent keyloggers to a certain extent. But you need antivirus software to resist the dangers posed by accidental or drive-by downloads. Therefore, just like with any other malware, keyloggers to cannot be resisted without the help of a security tool like antivirus.

How To Prevent Keyloggers?

Having an antivirus program installed is the best option. Not just any antivirus program but one which can update on its own regularly. Because antivirus programs offer protection not just against keylogger but the entire gamut of malware. You can use our very own Comodo Free Antivirus which offers solid PC protection.

But in case your PC has been already infected with a keylogger and you are looking for ways to remove it, then you need a more advanced security solution like Comodo Internet Security (CIS) which comes equipped with malware removal service. Therefore use our Comodo security products and stay away from keyloggers and other types of malware.

Comodo Windows XP Antivirus Offers Solid Protection Against Keylogging

If you are using Windows XP OS, which is outdated and dangerous, the chances of your computer getting infected with keyloggers are pretty high. But this can be prevented using Comodo Windows XP Free Antivirus.

Free Antivirus And Spyware For Windows Xp


Comodo Windows XP Free Antivirus which comes equipped with impressive security features offers excellent protection against not just keyloggers but the entire gamut of malware. Security features like Comodo's unique Default Deny Approach, Containment, Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) and Viruscope ensure malware threats and zero-day attacks are kept at bay. All these provisions make Comodo Windows XP Antivirus the best freeware antivirus in the cybersecurity industry.

Some of the features offered by Windows XP Free Antivirus are:

  • Default Deny Approach – technology unique to and developed by Comodo which ensures all files (be it malicious, good or bad) are denied entry to critical system files and folders until they prove themselves to be harmless. This is extremely useful to counter zero-day attacks which are usually unpredictable and therefore unresolvable.
  • HIPS and Viruscope – Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) which impose security rules for preventing malware intrusion and establishing an intrusion prevention system. And Viruscope for monitoring system processes and stopping or undoing any malicious activity which might be infecting one of these processes.
  • Cloud-Based Malware Analysis – cloud-based system scans to detect if a given file is malware or not. Another useful provision for combating zero-day malware.
  • Advanced Firewall Engine* - The customizable firewall offers solid security against inbound and outbound threats. This implies protection against hackers, malware, identity theft and various other network security threats. (available only with CIS Premium Free)
  • Virus Removal Service* – PC users are infected with the virus and other such malware, can get their PC(s) repaired in no time by making use of the malware removal service which is a part of Comodo Internet Security (CIS) (available only with priced CIS editions)
  • 24/7 Available Support* – Comodo Internet Security (CIS) users are also bestowed with the privilege of seeking the support's assistance anytime. All PC users have to do is just give us a call and our support team will be glad to help you out (available only with priced CIS editions).
  • And Much More* – apart from this, there are several other technologies which come equipped with Comodo Free Antivirus which tackle malware as well as zero-day attacks effectively (available only with priced CIS editions).

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