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List of Discord servers tagged with bagels. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! See more of Today on the Korean Server on Facebook. Create New Account. See more of Today on the Korean Server on Facebook. Create New Account. Killer Item Power. Kill Fame, 11:59 UTC. Victim Item Power. I don't know much but all I know is that Tobias made a game called Mardek in 2007-2010. After 10 years he has finally upload the game on steam. See more of Today on the Korean Server on Facebook. Create New Account.

Autre 11
You have been invited to join Slenderman's Mansion! Congrats, let's hope you don't do anything to piss Slender off, it's not a nice scene. You can chill in here, post art, and obviously roleplay. Canon characters and ocs both allowed, play up to 6 characters! This server is new and work in progress, so please don't be too rude about it. Read the rules, follow them, you're good to go.
Musique 2
Uh, Hi! Nothing special about this sever, basically a work in progress and I need some help:’)
Communauté 181
For fans of creepypasta, video games and just people who like to chat. A friendly community with weekly events, simple rules and fun bots
Autre 16
Welcome to the mansion! Where things are bound to go bump in the night and it a certain promise that these bitches will fuck shit up.
This is a every day RP server with the mansion nostalgia from when creepypasta was “cool”.
Warning! This server is not for the faint of heart, we have very dark humor and we do not recommend anyone that has many triggers to join.
There is also a high intolerance for those that don’t follow the rules.
Hope to see you there!!
Autre 12
Welcome to Creepypasta Asylum! Were a server that's based around an asylum and the world around it. Patients, hospital staff, and civilians are all welcomed here. Ocs and canon characters can be submitted alike, hope you consider joining and we await your arrival. :)
Our community is all inclusive and active. The staff are nice but also fast acting against raids and trolls.
Communauté 5
Anime · Manga 39
Templo da Kaguya 🍥
- Impulsionado
- Vagas Staff
- Comunidade
- Anime e Mangá
- Desenhos
- Calls
- Interação
🚨 Entre e convide + 12 amigos e ganhe uma tag especial.
🚨 Eventos Semanais
🚨 Jogos e diversão
⚠️ Entre e Divirta-se ⚠️
Communauté 23
Greetings, Milords & Mistresses! Welcome to the Creepypasta Café. Please take a look at our place, our host and hostesses, and the rest of what we have to offer.
- Custom Store Item List
-Unbelievable bot economy system
-Open world role-play where you can interact with any of your favorite Creepypasta
-Wasteland surroundings
-Portals that are used to go to different places
-Dedicated Inn Rooms for everyone from numbers 1-100
- And you can ship whoever you want! ^^
Please enjoy your stay and hope you stay.
Autre 20
This server is pretty inactive sadly, I'm trying to get it active again. Please join and hangout! We have rp, general chats, and even a mental health section!
Communauté 9
Hey! Thanks for checking us out! This server is all about roleplaying and creepypasta. We are a primarily OC server, but we will have a few people RPing characters like Slenderman, Jeff, EJ, LJ, and others. We don't tolerate the sexualization of minors, so if you ever have a problem, come to a leader or a mod!
Autre 16
RPG 15
eh vous la bas aimez vous le rp et les creepypasta si oui alors se serv sera parfais pour vous alors venez dans la famille et surtout n'oublié pas se lire les règle et de respecter tout le monde ^^
Communauté 10
Welcome to the server where we make fears and horrors come true! Welcome, new workers! Roleplay, chat, even kill! Please read the rules before doing anything else, you may say a quick hello. This server only has occasional conversations, otherwise it's pretty much dead. I would also like to say, gore is 100% permitted here, though that was pretty obvious from the start.
il y a 22 jours
Autre 5
il y a 23 jours
Communauté 3
Ich weiß dass es viele Menschen im deutschsprachigen Bereich gibt die gerne mal eine Creepypasta oder auch allgemein eine Gruselgeschichte lesen oder anhören.
Leider gibt es nicht wirklich Plattformen um sich darüber auszutauschen oder auch empfehlungen auszusprechen. Das soll sich mit diesem Discord-Server ändern!
Da sich dieser Server noch im aufbau befindet, schreckt bitte nicht vor der geringen Mitgliederzahl zurück und verzeiht es mir auch wenn am Anfang noch nicht alles rund läuft. Informiert mich einfach wenn ihr Fehler findet ;)
Und jetzt kommt mal schön zahlreich in den Wald des Bösen, denn je mehr Leute sich im Wald befinden, desto weniger kann er Böse sein :D
il y a 23 jours
Autre 11
Fate stay night discord
Hello!!! We're a relatively new kin/introject server for people from Slenderverse and Creepypasta sources! We're factive friendly and adore meeting new people- it's really our pleasure.
It's run by a fucktive of Alex Kralie/Joseph who has recruited two of his friends to help him out! We love meeting new people and are excited to meet you!!!
Communauté 7
Just a small place where we roleplay creepypasta stuff
Autre 9
Hi! this server is only just starting and we are hoping to get some members. Hopefully we can become a active server soon.
we have Pokecord for those who like it
we also allow others to post their own stories
♔We accept ocs here
♔You can select Characters too! such as Jeff and others
♔We‘re a School with many Different areas/zones to roleplay and suggestions are being taken
We are LGBTG+ friendly aswell and hold artistic areas aswell. So come join I can't wait to see you! Have a nice day
Communauté 7
☆This is a creepypasta roleplay server!
There isnt a set plot, but that's because I want it to be something where we can all build the world together! It has marble Hornets mixed in, it's a little of the mansion au, too!
☆You can use OCs, be one of the creepypastas, civilian, or even a cop! We're pretty welcoming, so I'd love to have you here!
Communauté 7
៸៸₊‧ ♡ ❝ Art Server ❞
⋮:Accepting Members and Staff
⋮・Creepy Aesthetic
⋮ ・Events and Giveaways
⋮ ・NSFW Chat
⋮ ・Professional Staff
⋮ ・Kind Members
⋮ ・Non-Toxic Server
︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ ༉‧₊˚ ❜
Autre 9
This is a very new Creepypasta server. The rp of this server centers around the adventures and misadventures of Slender Man, Zalgo, and their proxies, as well as humans in nearby communities. There's plenty of popular canon pastas available to apply for. OCs are also acceptable.
Communauté 13
Do you love Creepypasta, the Slenderverse and Marblehornets? Do you want to learn more? Well this is the server for you!
~~~~~We Offer~~~~~
*Bots Of Various Types!*
*Server Events Every Day*
*Atentative Staff*
*Cannon Characters*
*Custom Roles*
*Various Roleplay Channels*
*A Very Active Owner.*
*LGBTQ+ Friendly*
*NSFW Channels*
*Channels For Casual Chats*
*Art Channels*
*Much More!*
We are accepting of all sorts of people! We have lots of canon characters and the option to submit a OCs. Once you join you will be asked to read the rules All that is required is that you know how to read, you have a certain level of maturity, you are at least the age of thirteen. We have a wide variety of channels for whatever you may like/need. LGBTQ+ friendly zone!
Hope to see you there!
Autre 12
This isn’t really anything new or fancy. It’s a Creepypasta Roleplay server, where both canon characters and Own Creations are allowed.
We offer basically any canon character that you’d like, and channels for any place you could think to roleplay at.
We only require for you to be literate and over 14 years of age. We hope you decide to join us! <3

Fate Grand Order Discord

Communauté 12
Welcome to the all Horror roleplay server, we are welcoming all new members to our wonderful roleplay world, we allow all horror from creepypasta, horror games, horror movies, etc. Creepypasta is the main theme, but all horror, of any kind is allowed here, but if ya dont like horror we have roleplay areas that aren't full of horror, we hope you will join us, we promise to make the roleplay as fun as possible, so come join us!
We offer soo much like:
Friendly & Active Members!
LGBTQ+ Supporting
many places to RP in
A fully functional rp section!
Helpful Character creation template!
Many chats, and hang out areas!
helpful staff!
and much much more
We really hope to see you all in this amazing growing community!

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Otros 25
This is a community of people that just want to have a fun time and rp or *cough cough* erp with each other it may not look like the biggest sever at first but once you actually see the category you will be struggling to figure out where you want to start so come and join the fun I guarantee you'll have a good time as long as you fallow the rules...we are also currently trying to make the server more Live due to it being a little dead at the moment so being patient would be a good thing
hace 49 días
Otros 12
We are a friendly creepypasta roleplaying server! Read the welcome message to get information. :)
Otros 7
Otros 28
This is a server for all things youtube and internet horror! Come share your favorite scary vids and discuss them with others!
We also have areas to relax and share art, music, and other things.
Pronoun roles included and LGBT friendly!
Otros 9
This is a server for everyone! We do not want raids,Spammers,Trolls in the server!
Social 14
-freeform to semi-literate
-ocs are welcome
-no 18=, Take it to pms
Social 17
Juegos RPG 17
This is just another creepypasta server lol. Join in and read up on the lore! we have a respectful community, a helpful staff and a lot of open rp channels.
Otros 9
hace 57 días
Otros 15
welcome fellow proxie, enjoy your stay here at slender's mansion, where literally everyone hates themselves.
Social 7
Bienvenue à l'Hôtel Ars Goétia.
Votre chambre est prête. Installer vous avec nous dans cet hôtel lugubre.
Vous pourrez y retrouver des salons de cinémas, jeux-vidéos, occulte et autre creepypastas.
Parlez entre passionnés de paranormal et démonologie dans un cadre des plus raffinés. Partagez vos œuvres (dessins et creepypasta) et vos expériences avec l'invisible dans nos salons privilégiés.
Et participez aux différents évènements organisés par vos très humbles hôtes.
Prêt pour le grand saut ?
Voici votre clé :
Otros 24

Tobias Fate Youtube

This is a multifarious rp server! Slender had figured out how to bring other fandoms into their world! How will that play out?
hace 59 días
Otros 9
Hello, welcome to the Cursed Worlds. Be either a videogame creepypasta or a normal character. Here we have:
Friendly Staff
Excellent lore
OC acceptance
Canon Acceptance
However, please note that not all creepypasta are allowed here. Only the creepypasta that are based off of games are allowed.
Otros 7
It's a creepypasta roleplay!
This is a server ran by chaotic gay teens, so we are pretty chill
Otros 8
Halloween approche à grands pas. Que diriez vous de venir sur un serveur RolePlay creepypasta ?
Les OriginalCharacters ou les personnages iconiques sont acceptés.
Pour faire simple vous pouvez être un monstre, un humain, sympathique ou alors sans âme...
Parlez, venez visiter si vous le voulez vraiment !
jack_o_lanternJOYEUX HALLOWEEN jack_o_lantern
Petite limite d'âge car il peut y avoir du gore donc serveur à partir de 17+
slight_smile Bon RP !
Otros 9
Social 6
Hello, welcome to Creepypasta: Untold. This is a farely new roleplay server filled with excitement and angst!! We dont have many characters due to it being new, so come on over and claim!! The staff is amazing, there's tons of channels, and the roleplay hasn't even started!!
Todos los Juegos 8
This Is A Fun Server For All Fandoms!(Five Nights At Freddys,Doki Doki Litreature Club,Creepypasta,Undertale Etc.)But Come Join!Im Sure You Wont Regret It!
Social 27
Welcome to Slenderverse Hell, a system and kin friendly server for slenderverse and creepypasta, fans and fictives alike.
Here's what we offer:
✰ 2-step verification process to weed out the trolls
✰ Pluralkit and SystemTime for systems to use
✰ Self assignable roles
✰ Punk admin team
✰ Friendly atmosphere
✰ Trigger list for comfort
Chat specific things we include;
✰ Chats for specific slenderverse series
✰ Chats for other fandoms
✰ Support channels if you need help
✰ Vent channels
✰ Roleplay channels (opt-in)
Social 9

Tobias Fate Discord Server Cs 1.6

Hi! We're an LGBTQ+ supporting creepypasta roleplay server. We believe in a non-toxic and safe environment to roleplay in, and we want to make sure you have a good time.
Social 8
Ihr habt Lust auf Grusel, dann kommt auf 🌙 GRUSELECKE
wir sind noch relativ klein aber das macht nichts.^^
Wir freuen uns auf dich
Otros 8
Welcome to our Creepypasta Rp server, I do hope you decide to come and join use on this most definitely blood filled path! Or maybe you aren't into rp, don't worry about that we have channels of anything you would like!
Ex: art, writing, editing and probably more in the future!
Or maybe you just want someone to talk to that's fine to! We would love to have you here in our server Creepypasta New Home and I do hope you decide to stay!
Social 12
~~Our Story starts in the Small Town of Sandovl. Where this town is doesn't truly matter, as it sits on the edge of The Forest. This Forest is a place where 2 opposing forces run for dominance. One is Slenderman, an cruel being known for it's high-class (and frankly ruthless) work ethic and it's many workers, or 'Proxys' as it calls them. The other is Zalgo, a demon known for being sadistic and causing Pain & Misery to whoever crosses him. They have fought for years and many have been caught in the crossfire. However, this forest also allows for other monsters, or 'Creepypastas' as they might call themselves, to have a place to stay and hide out from many others. The town of Sandovl isnt exactly ignorant to these creatures but try their hardest to ignore them.
This town is where you might find yourself, simply looking for a chance to escape or for a new place to stalk and kill.~~
Welcome to Harrowing Tales, a new age creepypasta roleplay server. Here you can play canon characters and Ocs! We have events here and also cool overarching storylines, so drop on by, we would love to hear what stories you have waiting for us.
Otros 8

Fate Client Discord

hace 70 días