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Tracey Armah was born on the 20th March 1995, in Accra, Ghana and is a reality star, known for her appearances in “Catfish” and “Dr. Phil”, but probably most known, even notorious, for posting outrageous Facebook statuses on-line, such as that she wants to be raped and similar. In several interviews, she stated that she likes negative attention, and that is the reason why she has such posts on her social media profiles.

Have you ever wondered how rich Tracey Armah is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Armah’s wealth is as high as $100,000, an amount earned mostly through her acting career, in more ways than one!


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Born in Ghana, Tracey was raised in Laurel, Maryland, a child of immigrant parents. Tracey went to Atholton High School, and it was in school that Tracey suffered bullying, apparently because of her African heritage. This enraged her somewhat, which resulted in her setting up a false Facebook account under the name Jacqueline Linkwood. She randomly stole pictures from a girl online, and used the name Jacqueline Linkwood to bully other people online. This lasted for quite some time, but thanks to the “Catfish” episode, she was caught. From then on, she has been the center of attention by the media, appearing in many shows and being interviewed many times too. Also, her own Facebook account was filled with comments “I want to get raped”, “being raped felt amazing”, and other writings considered disgraceful by many.

Before her profile was shut down, she drew the attention of a number of common people, telling her that she needed treatment, that she was mentally ill, and other comments, in which allegedly rather enjoyed, according to her statements.

To speak further of Tracey, she likes to be called Tracey Barbie, and has apparently continued to attract mostly negative comments on her behavior from numbers of people who got in touch with her, or have at least stumbled upon her internet posts.


Regarding her personal life, she has posted pictures of her dates, and stated that she has had unprotected sex, though details of her boyfriends remain a mystery, though supposedly all those males were white, which has been described as a further indication of her state of mind.

Net Worth$100,000
Date Of BirthMarch 20, 1995
Place Of BirthAccra, Ghana
ProfessionTV reality star
EducationAtholton High School

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Tracey Armah, better known as Tracey Barbie, is a 21 year old girl from Maryland that seeks negative attention from people on social media. She has cyber bullied hundreds to thousands of people via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. She has been on the MTV show Catfish for using a girl named Falesha's photos and bullying many people through a fake Facebook profile. She even bullied Falesha and ruined her life to an extent by using her name on the fake profile eventually. She is believed to have some serious psychological issues but has disputed that many times. She wasn't sorry for ruining Falesha's life and is still bullying people, but now on her own profile (Tracey Armah [Tracey Barbie]). She makes outrageous and offensive videos and posts saying she will beat people up or wants them to die of brain cancer. She's even gone so far as to say daily that her unborn babies died in her stomach or her liver. Yet, she has never been pregnant. She is a cyber bully and needs to be stopped. She says police love her and want to have sex with her because she is above the law, and that's not even the worst of it. She says everyone is ugly and fat and often uses derogatory terms to describe her victims. She posts photos and videos of her in skimpy lingerie asking people to rape her. She even went so far in a video to say that she liked the feeling of being raped. She goes to random chat rooms like Plenty of Fish to meet random guys and hook up with them if they buy her things. It's all over her profile. Her most recent antic is saying that her dad died and telling people to send her money through Facebook because of it. She has taken money and asked for money from minors, which is illegal. She also made a video saying that she doesn't care about the shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, stating that people die all the time and people should be paying attention to her and her dad. She's been reported multiple times but Facebook keeps letting her make new profiles. She claims to be famous and thinks she has fans, but a lot of people are outraged and furious with her. Dr. Phil even had her on his show and offered her councelling but she refused it. She should not be allowed to have any social media. Please help to ban her from all social media, or at the very least Facebook. She has taken it way too far! Please sign! Thank you!