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There is a wealth of technical information contained within the older Ruud air conditioner model number. And the model number is found on the air conditioner label sticker. This blog will thus help to decipher the older Ruud UAKA A/C Model Number Description. In a similar manner, serial number information on these older Ruud a/c units also provides useful information.

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From the Ruud website at, the company was started more than 100 years ago. As a matter of fact, the company founder was a Norwegian mechanical engineer named Edwin Ruud. Edwin developed the first successful automatic water heater. Then the company later introduced heating and air conditioning equipment in the 1950s. Additionally, further information on Ruud products is available on the Ruud website through this link.

The Manufacturer Sticker

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The name plate label for an older Ruud air conditioner model number UAKA-036JAS is shown below. And the sticker also shows serial number 4925F08935520 that was manufactured in 1993. The name plate is normally found affixed to the outside panel of the outdoor unit. And the name plate label is normally readable. However, the sun sometimes fades the information on the sticker. Fortunately, the model and serial number can sometimes be found behind the cover as well.

The model number for older Ruud air conditioners such as this model UAKA unit contains some useful information. And this unit is a 10 SEER air conditioner designed for use in single family homes. Moreover, this model was also used in multi-family units and light commercial applications.

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NOTE: This information has not been certified by the manufacturer. Then ENSURE that you verify all of this model number information with the manufacturer before using this information to make equipment selection or repair decisions.

Decoding the Sticker

And the Ruud air conditioner model number shown below has the following description.


U – the first digit refers to the brand where U = Ruud

A – the second digit refers to the condensing unit (as opposed to the evaporator coil)

K – the third digit refers to type K as the standard efficiency model (10 SEER for all these UAKA models)

A – the fourth digit refers to the design series

036 – the fifth, sixth, and seventh digits refer to the nominal cooling capacity in BTU/HR which correlates to the below listed tons of cooling.

018 = 18,000 BTU/HR [5.28 kW] [1 1/2 ton a/c]

024 = 24,000 BTU/HR [7.03 kW] [2 ton a/c]

030 = 30,000 BTU/HR [8.79 kW] [2 1/2 ton a/c]

036/037 = 36,000 BTU/HR [10.55 kW] [3 ton a/c]

042 = 42,000 BTU/HR [12.31 kW] [3 1/2 ton a/c]

048 = 48,000 BTU/HR [14.07 kW] [4 ton a/c]

060 = 60,000 BTU/HR [17.58 kW] [5 ton a/c]

J – the eighth digit refers to the electrical designation of the unit

J = 208-230-1-60

C = 208-230-3-60

D = 460-3-60

Y = 575-3-60

A – the ninth digit refer to any variations of the unit

A= Standard Model

S – the tenth digit refers to the compressor or how the refrigerant lines are connected to the compressor

Z = Copeland ZR scroll compressor

S = Sweat connection

List of Applicable Ruud Air Conditioner Model Numbers

The above model number description is applicable to the below listed Ruud air conditioner model numbers.














Ruud Uaka 030jaz Fan Motor











For a copy of the Ruud air conditioner model UAKA manual, refer to the following pdf: Ruud_uka_ac manual.

Ruud Air Conditioner Serial Numbers

The serial number on this air conditioner unit 4925F08935520 reveals the year that this equipment was manufactured. In this case, the year of manufacture is 1993 as indicated by the blue 93 numbers in the eighth and ninth serial number positions.

Uaka 037jaz Capacitor

Useful information is imbedded in the unit serial number of all manufacturers equipment in a variety of ways. Of course, even among a single manufacturer, the serial number format may vary. Interestingly, a website that is very useful in helping to identify the manufacture year is the Building Intelligence Center website at and then click on the HVAC Index option.

Then go to the appropriate HVAC directory or Water Heater directory depending on the appliance type.

And select (click) the letter the brand in question begins with.

Then, a drop-down list of available brand names beginning with that letter will appear.

And select (click) the specific brand name in question.

Then the selection will take you to that specific page where one or more examples of serial number styles will be listed on information slide images.

Various unit dimension data for this model are shown below for additional information. This information may be more helpful for people who want more technical information on these older Ruud UAKA A/C units beyond the Model Number Description and serial number information.

Older Ruud UAKA Air Conditioner Photos from unit replaced in Omaha home

Some photos are shown below of an actual unit that was removed from a home in Omaha.

Moreover, the photo above is of a Ruud model UAKA-036JAS air conditioner showing the top and one side view.

Also shown above is a Ruud model UAKA-036JAS air conditioner showing the top where the condenser fan is located as well as the top of the compressor and contactor compartment.

And, the photo above is of a Ruud model UAKA-036JAS air conditioner showing the contactor compartment.

In addition, above is an image of a Ruud model UAKA-036JAS air conditioner showing the compressor.

Older Ruud UAKA Wiring Diagram and Refrigerant Charging Chart from A/C Model Number Description

The photo above is of a Ruud model UAKA-036JAS air conditioner showing the refrigerant charging chart and other information important for starting up this unit after installation.


The photo above is of a Ruud model UAKA-036JAS air conditioner showing the wiring diagram.

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Ruud Uaka 048jaz Manual

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Uaka 048jaz Specs

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